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Keane is a big fan of Wolves boss Mick McCarthy from their days together as manager and star player for the Republic of Ireland and the Spurs striker would have had no problems working with him again.

New Balance 996 Deconstructed Philippines

Amid whispers of interest from Molineux in taking Keane back the club tried to sign him in similar circumstances a year ago it's a role legions of Wolves fans wanted to see the player take on at the club which launched him on his trail blazing career.

´╗┐join Wolves Express Star

The Republic of Ireland international said: "I've been getting some stick about not coming back but you've got to realise there was never an opportunity for me to even consider it. There was never an offer there in the first place.

Someone help me out here!!

New Balance 996 Deconstructed Philippines

New Balance 996 Deconstructed Philippines

New Balance 996 Deconstructed Philippines

Keane now clings to the hope that his new and old clubs will remain in the Premier League next season.

New Balance 996 Deconstructed Philippines

He said: "The dream outcome for me is that New Balance 996 Deconstructed Philippines both clubs get out New Balance 1080v6 Mens

of this mess. I desperately don't want to see my old club go down.

The 30 year old will see out the rest of the season in the front line of West Ham's bid to escape the drop, after signing for the Premier League strugglers on loan from Tottenham.

Sir Billy I cant quite get over what a submissive, yes man you are. I never actually met one in my work life, but I knew they existed. Do you work for a local council ? I can imagine you having a job in a private enterprise.

even though Elokobi, Ward, Berra and Stearman try hard they are nowhere near PL quality.

Robbie Keane has answered Wolves fans accusing him of turning his back on his first club in its hour of need.

I completley fed up and not looking forward to the game, which is a new experience for me. Forget pass that lost us the game. It is a game we needed to win, not draw, although I would settled for a point in the 92nd minute. What I really fail to understand is why wait until the 75th minute to make a substitution and then bring on Ward whilst SEB and Fletch (our 6.5m striker) warm the bench up. Then bring on SEB at the 89th minute mark. What the point?

be prepared to have a shot. Over the past few weeks, I go as far to say he has been one of our better players. So why did he not start?

See you all there tomorrow.

New Balance 996 Deconstructed Philippines

Why do we still need a LB and central defender(s). Why can MM see that? Why can he see that New Balance 574 Red Hologram

New Balance 996 Deconstructed Philippines

"Anyone who knows me knows that the club will always be special to me. But I have to focus my allegiance now on West Ham.

"Had there been an offer from Wolves then, of course, I would have been interested in talking to them about coming back.

So many whys I know. There is no point calling for a change of manager because our CEO and Chairman have the same ambition as MM Championship. We are the fools.

And he stressed: "It's upsetting to hear Wolves fans accusing me of turning my back on the place I would never do that.

I never been a great fan of but have to admit that he is our only central midfielder who can create anything and New Balance 990 Navy Blue

New Balance 996 Deconstructed Philippines

"But there wasn't I can't talk to a club that isn't trying to sign me."

"In order for me to talk to any club I first need that club to agree a deal with Tottenham. West Ham were able to do that but there was never anything from Wolves for Tottenham or myself to even consider.

"And I like to think that I have a good enough relationship with folk at Wolves to have known if there was any kind of interest."

It won have occurred to you, that there so many amibition posts, but that is the reality of the club today.

"It's important that the Wolves fans hear this. The reality is Wolves know they could not even begin to afford his wages. We fish in a different pool to other teams with a wage cap of 35 40,000. Mick has to take chances with players who will come to WW who are within our wage structure. That is the reality. If we stay in the league (as Stoke are doing) you can grow your team over say 5 years. We would all tell Mr Morgan how to spend HIS money and he is right to be careful in a crazy world of billionaire owners. Our strength is to remain a TEAM; all of us together working for each other. Live in hope but know the reality.

And that has prompted some fans across the range of social network sites to accuse Keane of a betrayal.

New Balance 996 Deconstructed Philippines

New Balance 996 Deconstructed Philippines

New Balance 996 Deconstructed Philippines

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