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New Balance 992 Vs 990

Under his leadership, the college grew from less than 8,000 students to more than 10,500 in five years. He attributed the growth to looking at opportunities, demographics, age, and what was keeping students from attending college.

"We met with the NAACP two years ago and asked them what was happening to our African American youth. They said they are going to Dallas. If they have an opportunity for college, they are going to Dallas," Johnson said.

"We realized what was happening is that there was a peer pressure kind of thing happening in early fall about the statusbut when it came time to be realistic, these students would look seriously at our school," Johnson said.

"When I look at the school and when I see what you have done with your facilities, what you have done with New Balance Womens 574 Beach Cruiser - Beige/Pink

New Balance 992 Vs 990

New Balance 992 Vs 990

The students were moving to the Metroplex to take part in the black community and culture.

He spent a majority of Monday evening addressing enrollment, an issue NTCC is trying to tackle. Stagnant enrollment over several years has frustrated college administrators and trustees.

´╗┐Johnson discusses enrollment and tuition

New Balance 992 Vs 990

For the most part, this allows students to know exactly what it will cost them to attend college, Johnson said.

During his 13 years at Amarillo College, Johnson served as dean of advancement and director of enrollment management.

With recent Hispanic immigrants, Amarillo College began offering English as a Second Language (ESL) and immigration education. These low commitment classes get Hispanic students in touch with the outreach center, where they build trust and eventually enroll as students.

The key, Johnson said, is that colleges do the most effective things they can identify at the best of their ability and to accept growth where it comes, whether that be traditional academic credit, dual credit or workforce training.

New Balance 992 Vs 990

scholarships and how the community has stepped forward to support its students and their ability to come to NTCC after high schoolwhat I see over and over again is an indication of an institution with tremendous quality," Johnson said.

New Balance 992 Vs 990

"You need to think about what happens when men are not seriously engaged in the economy," Johnson said.

"One size does not fit all in terms of outreach," Johnson said.

New Balance 992 Vs 990

New Balance 992 Vs 990

"I don't think you can find anywhere else, other than community colleges, where people come to your door and they New Balance 998 Red

Johnson spoke on changes Amarillo College made, including moving much of its recruiting initiatives from the fall to spring, which in turn required changes in applying for financial aid.

When the Texas Legislature OK'd university board of regents to set tuition and fees, Johnson thought community colleges would be flooded with students looking for a first class education without a skyrocketing price tag.

and they graduate."

New Balance 992 Vs 990

New Balance 992 Vs 990

Amarillo College faces the same issues when it comes to recruiting black male students, but has yet to find an answer.

He also addressed the declining number of males attending college, specifically black and Hispanic, a problem he has faced for the last 10 years of his career.

"When they don't have lifelong work, number one, they are much more likely to end up in prison. Number two, they are much more likely to abuse women and children. Sorry, it's just the facts. So if you want a community is safe, if you want a community in which families are healthy, it is critical that men have meaningful work."

Instead, he finds students correlate the increased tuition and fees at universities with community colleges.

One way to target the confusion is to be more bold and concrete about costs. Some colleges have begun combining tuition and fee structures to offer one cost to students. At Amarillo College, students are offered to two costs tuition and fees.

Amarillo College was fortunate enough to see a tremendous amount of growth, but enrollment over the last four years has been stagnant, much like that at NTCC and community colleges across the state.

"We discovered, as you probably know because I think New Balance 992 Vs 990 it's the same here, that our big competition wasn't other schools," he said. "Our big competition is what we call 'nowhere.'"

Regardless of race, Johnson said the disappearance of males from higher education should worry everyone.

"If you go out and ask people on the street how much it costs to go to NTCC for a semester, you will get way overestimates because the people have seen so many stories on the higher rates of education," Johnson said. "And many of them are now saying, 'I must not have an opportunity because of what I'm hearing.'"

New Balance 992 Vs 990

Johnson, the only finalist to be named in the college's presidential search, said he is fired up about community colleges' mission.

are literally facing the choice between one life and a life completely different," Johnson said. "What's going to make the difference is whether or not they come, whether or not they are successful New Balance Crt300 Womens

New Balance 992 Vs 990

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