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New Balance 990 Vs 993

New Balance 990 Vs 993

New Balance 990 Vs 993

New Balance 990 Vs 993

So when I hear some of the names being bandied about former agents or former players that's not remotely what the players need right now. The players need almost a corporate executive who got hired to increase the sales of a company who can come in and work with the league to exploit new income streams, whether it's in digital media or whatever, new technology.

Of course it is. Without Michael Jordan, there is no David Falk. Conversely, without David New Balance 574 Women Maroon

New Balance 990 Vs 993

Larry brought a series of anti trust lawsuits against the league and won them all. The settlements created most of the foundation of the modern day rules. Never lost a single battle with the league.

He agreed to put the cap in in '82. Didn't have to. Probably had the power not to put the cap in. But he had the vision to understand that if six of the 17 teams go bankrupt because you're not willing to negotiate with the league, you're losing jobs. In a union, the No. 1 . if you think about what unions are in America my parents were both union members the purpose of the union New Balance 990 Vs 993 is to protect workers' security and promote their wages, hours and terms of employment.

New Balance 990 Vs 993

said he does not want the job, even if it was offered.

Falk, who was and is often accused, at least by National Basketball Players Association officials, of interfering when he shouldn't, sat down with USA TODAY Sports to discuss the state of the players union and which direction it should go.

New Balance 990 Vs 993

New Balance 990 Vs 993

It's different today. By his choice at this stage of his career, Falk has a small list of clients who he calls high character guys. Elton Brand is the lone holdover from the tail end of his glory days followed by younger players Greg Monroe, Evan Turner, Roy Hibbert, Toney Douglas, Jared Sullinger, Gary Neal and Austin Rivers. It's just $29.8 million in salaries this season less than the $33.1 million Jordan made 1997 98.

Falk has been one of the most influential agents the NBA has ever seen. He once had a stable of the league's highest paid and top players as clients that included Jordan, Patrick Ewing, Danny Ferry, John Stockton, Dikembe Mutombo, Alonzo Mourning, Dominque Wilkens.

Agent David Falk was the marketing man behind Michael Jordan.(Photo: H. office is a giant image of Michael Jordan on the wall.

Q: What should the background and qualifications of next union leader look like?

New Balance 990 Vs 993

Falk marketing wizard there is no Michael Jordan Inc.

Q: What is the short history of the NBPA that got us from there to where we are today?

Falk: From '64 to '88, it was very small and it was basically just Larry New Balance 574 Mens

Fleisher. He had a secretary. You'd go his office and it was just Larry and his secretary.

Falk: You also need a lawyer. I really think you need two different people.

New Balance 990 Vs 993

New Balance 990 Vs 993

´╗┐Jordan's agent has bold advice for the NBPA

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: What to get Jordan at 50?

During that time in the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s many considered him the second most powerful man in basketball behind NBA Commissioner David Stern.

BILLY HUNTER: Fired by players union

What about CBA issues though that crop up during labor peace? Don't you want a CBA expert?

This interview was conducted before the NBPA fired Billy Hunter on Saturday as its executive director. Falk New Balance Revlite 300 Womens

"I want to make this perfectly clear," Falk said. "I'm not in any way, shape or form campaigning for the job. If you offered me a billion dollars a year to do the job, I have no interest in doing it."

It's no longer about the money. He has that. It's about staying involved with the game that has made him millions.

Falk: Now that you have labor peace for the next 8 years the question is: What's the job description of the person they need to hire? If you believe the person's not going to be doing a collective bargaining agreement for a very a long period of time and you understand that under the structure of the current agreement where the players share the revenues 50 50, I think the single most important issue is a person who's got the vision and the talent to work with the league to grow the league from roughly $5 billion to $10 billion.

New Balance 990 Vs 993

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