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Sexsmith said Meadows had a great sound on radio.

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New Balance 574 Classic Red

Hilderley said Meadows had a sailboat, yacht, and tugboat. Not only did he participate in The Great Tug Boat Race, he sat on the organizing committee.

Scott Sexsmith, general manager of Rogers Broadcasting for KISS 100.5 and New Balance 420 Black And Blue

Country 104.3 said despite retiring, Meadows worked as a part time news anchor on weekends and holidays at the stations until around 2011.

"I can't imagine anybody having any ill thoughts about John Meadows," Hilderley said. "He was a true and genuine gentleman.".

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a friendship. There are people like that in the world, you just meet them for the first time and you just have this inner feeling that you're going to be life long friends with this person. Marie for over 60 years, died Friday at Algoma Manor Nursing Home in Thessalon, Ont., after battling cancer.

"He was heavily involved in the early 80s," Avery said. "He was very instrumental in The Great Tug Boat Race as a charitable organization.

"He was a very gifted individual," Hilderley said from his home in Goulais River. "He had a beautiful voice, a great delivery, good diction, good enunciation, everything a good professional broadcaster should have."

That passion for the job was illustrated with the length of Meadows's career.

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Sexsmith admits he did not work closely to Meadows daily, but he did hear from others how tremendous a person he was.

New Balance 574 Classic Red

"John fit very, very nicely into the modern age of computers," Hilderley said. "He was a keen and very alert individual, I'm sure, New Balance 996v2 Review

He was 83.

Hilderley said although Meadows was a leader in the newsroom, he never spoke down to anyone.

"He was suffering in the last few years of his life, nobody wants to see that happen, he kept to himself down at Algoma Manor," Hilderley said. "But any time any of his friends drop into see him, he put on that cheerful face as he's always done."

Hilderley said Meadows suffered from different cancers, including prostate, ultimately leaving him confined to a wheelchair.

"You could listen to John read contest rules written by our legal department and he'd have you hanging on every word," Sexsmith said. "Great style, get delivery, great inflection in his voice, he was terrific to listen to."

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Russ Hilderley first started working with Meadows at CKCY in 1963. Meadows was Hilderley's first mentor.

"Always even tempered, never seemed to lose his cool," Hilderley said. "Because he was a professional broadcaster, he certainly never lorded it over youngsters coming in and learning the business.

New Balance 574 Classic Red

Amanda Avery, a current committee member, said she did not work with Meadows, but said he has a legacy on the committee.

"He was terrific broadcaster with years of experience," Sexsmith said. "He was a very experienced journalist who was also very creditable, given he was very good at his job. He commanded that credit on the New Balance 574 Classic Red air and he certainly got it in spades."

right till the very end."

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"It gets in your blood," Sexsmith said. "You may be told that you're too old to do it but you never really want to leave it."

"He deserves recognition, I heard he was a very hard worker."

´╗┐John Meadows a true gentleman

"He was a very personable man whom you instantly felt New Balance Mens Lifestyle Tier 2 Revlite 996

"Big heart, very caring individual, loved what he did and did it with tons of exuberance, passion, and enthusiasm," Sexsmith said.

In addition to his career in broadcasting, Meadows also worked at the Sault Career Centre, had four children, and loved boating.

Hilderley said the changing times in technology didn't throw Meadows.

New Balance 574 Classic Red

New Balance 574 Classic Red

"He treated everybody with a great deal of respect and courtesy. He was a gentleman."

New Balance 574 Classic Red

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