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"In the case of St. Joseph Island we have an interesting variety of topography, flora, fauna, rural areas and small communities and a good road network," Fischer said. "I'm sure St. Joseph Island will be typed into Internet search engines many times as a result of this article."

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The island was first mentioned in 2005, as part of the What Price Homestead segment.

Multi listing sales also provide information about a particular home, but must meet criteria its readership would be looking for such as acreage size and whether its close to nature and affordable.

The first edition was a success, selling 100,000 copies in five months, which resulted in an increase of 50,000 with its second edition.

bang for the buck.".

"We are very pleased to be included," said Gloria Fischer, chair of the St. Joseph Island Economic Development Committee "Recognition of this kind raises the visibility of the communities resulting in many people discovering them for the first time."

´╗┐Joe's officially a pretty place

"That morphed into a segment called What Price Homestead, a run down of little nooks, pastural nooks across the country that still had affordable real estate for people who wanted to relocate to the country," said Jason Santerre, assistant editor, photo editor and sports editor with the Harrowsmith Almanac. "Our readership is mostly urbanites itching to move to the country or have moved to the country."

Having its office in Laval, Que., makes it difficult for the editorial staff of five to visit all spots.

definitely positive as far as the reader is concerned. They want more New Balance 300 Suede

New Balance 996 Green Label Relaxing

What you don't see are countless pages of ads. In the 2008 Canadian edition of the Old Farmer's Almanac, nearly 50 per cent of its 256 pages contain some advertisement, compared to 23 pages found in the Harrowsmith.

New Balance 996 Green Label Relaxing

Staff also speak with real estate agents, Chamber of Commerce and where and when possible the mayor.

New Balance 996 Green Label Relaxing

Fischer said several communities on the list are beside water but St. Joseph Island and Manitoulin Island, which also made the list, are among the largest freshwater islands in the world.

New Balance 996 Green Label Relaxing

Santerre said there was a big demand for the magazine to do the leg work and find New Balance 420 Black Usa

Islands by their very nature seem to have a special quality that attracts people, she said.

New Balance 996 Green Label Relaxing

Harrowsmith's Truly Canadian Almanac has confirmed what residents of St. Joseph Island have always known: they live in one of the Prettiest Towns in Canada.

"Some are nice towns but don't meet other specifications," he said.

the little hidden gems across the country.

The 2009 issue, the second edition which went on sale Sept. 1, lists St. Joseph Island as one of only 26 towns in Ontario and one of 77 across Canada on its Honour Roll.

He added the book is not called a farmer's almanac because there is more than that throughout the 320 pages, from astrology, weather, sports to trivia, gardening and celebrities. "Anything to do with rural life."

The feeling was they really had something and people who love farmer's almanacs wanted a Canadian version, Santerre said. We'd like to think we were that voice that filled that niche. A lot of farmer's almanacs claim to be Canadian but they are printed outside the country and may have some Canadian content but are by no means 100 per cent Canadian."

New Balance 996 Green Label Relaxing

Harrowsmith magazine began publishing its annual list of Canada's 10 prettiest towns in 1998.

The almanac "looks like a great resource book and excellent Christmas gift," she added.

"We call and rely on the people who live there, do business there," Santerre said. "You can do all the research you want but you have to talk to someone and get someone's opinion New Balance 996 Green Label Relaxing on the ground."

New Balance 996 Green Label Relaxing

"The best rural real estate out there, affordable, lots of open land and not far from urban centres," he said. "And it has to be pretty, of course."

New Balance 996 Green Label Relaxing

New Balance 996 Green Label Relaxing

"If a magazine gets any complaint it's too much advertising," Santerre said. "We lose out in revenue but it's New Balance 420 Grey

New Balance 996 Green Label Relaxing

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