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Reed, 28, of Royal Oak, was accused of raping the New Balance 420 Grey And Black

Maria Miller, a spokeswoman for the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office, said in a statement: "At this time a decision has not been made regarding an appeal of the dismissal of the case, it will be announced at a later date."

´╗┐Judge dismisses sex assault charges against Tigers' Evan Reed

Reed has said publicly that he "did nothing wrong," and that the sex was consensual. He was on the Detroit Tigers roster at the time of the alleged incident but is now with the Triple A Toledo Mud Hens.

45 year old woman the morning of March 30 while she was incapacitated in a hotel room at the casino. He faced two counts of third degree criminal sexual conduct. Video clips showed it taking about 12 minutes for the two to get from a taxi to the door of the building. But 36th District Court Judge Kenneth King said there was no evidence presented to indicate she was raped before she woke up the next morning, when the allegations were to have occurred.

The woman said today that she and Reed met at the Fifth Avenue bar in Royal Oak. New Balance 574 Black Blue White

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Then she remembers being in the shower, where she says Reed started having sex with her. She told him to stop, and he stopped, she said.

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The woman said she remembers Reed talking to her shortly after she started waking up the first time.

Detroit Tigers minor league pitcher Evan Reed was charged with sexually assaulting a woman at a downtown hotel last spring after they met at a bar in the suburbs.(Photo: Carlos Osorio, AP)

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New Balance Pink 990

Her next memory is waking up in bed with Evan Reed, both of them nude.

DETROIT A judge dismissed all sexual assault charges against Detroit Tigers minor league pitcher Evan Reed today, saying his accuser wasn't credible and that it wasn't proven that she was incapacitated.

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She said she was on her third Grey Goose and tonic when she noticed the drink tasting extra sour.

King said the woman "backtracked" and gave "vacillating testimony," first saying she wasn't aware she was sitting at a booth with Detroit Tigers players but later admitting to texting her friend from the booth that she was. While testifying, the woman also changed her account of when a drink at the bar tasted strangely. And she claiming she wasn't of the presence of mind to take the elevator, but survellance video showed her take the stairs, he said.

"He sounded New Balance 574 Grey Uk

robotic, like far away," she said. She also described the people at the bar as sounding robotic after she took the third drink.

She said she returned to the bed and closed her eyes, only to have Reed initiate oral sex, which she refused, she said. She would later tell a friend that she thought she'd been "gang raped" the night before, but she couldn't remember anything.

Asked why she didn't physically resist, she said, "I didn't even have the strength. I was like a rag doll."

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New Balance Pink 990

New Balance Pink 990

New Balance Pink 990

"Everything was spinning, my head was hurting," she said. "I remember getting up and kind of holding on to the wall and going into the bathroom."

The woman said during testimony that her ex husband was banging on her door the day after the alleged incident with Reed. The ex husband contacted Detroit police and arranged for her first meeting with them to report the alleged crime, she said.

"I'm just extremely happy," Reed, 28, said outside the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice after the case was dismissed. "I can have all my focus on baseball again."

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"She wasn't wobbling, she wasn't falling, she New Balance Pink 990 wasn't stumbling," King said. "And she was wearing high heels."

Witnesses prosecutors called today included a coat checker at the Fifth Avenue bar, where Reed and the woman met, as well as a maintenance worker from the casino and the investigator who testified when the surveillance video was played.

Reed's attorneys, Ben Gonek and David Gorcyca, passed out packets to the media that appear to be filed by the woman's ex husband in a 2008 divorce case, including allegations that attack her character.

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