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New Balance 990v4 Womens

"Hopefully the voters of our area vote with their heart and their conscience, but unfortunately, there might be more days in the court room." said Thigpen.

New Balance 990v4 Womens

TYLER (KYTX) Voting will go on as planned tomorrow for measures to allow beer and wine sales in stores and mixed drink New Balance 420 Womens Sale

New Balance 990v4 Womens

And Westbrook says he prepared for that.

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Cameras weren allowed New Balance Khaki 996

"The opposition played their card to try to create a little bit of doubt cast a doubt over the election." said Westbrook.

"It will simply, for a short time, delay the certification process of the ballots themselves." he said.

"what they saying is, we going to cram this down your throat whether you like it or not." said Daniels.

Smith County Attorney Shannon Dacus and City of Tyler Attorney Gary Landers did not want to comment on the judge decision. Dacus told the judge it would cost $50,000 to do a special alcohol election over again.

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Judge Kupper asked for copies of those signatures, but Thigpen said he did not have them.

Chairman of pro alcohol group "Buy Local First" Bob Westbrook sided with Smith County Attorney Shannon Dacus.

sales in restaurants in Tyler and Smith County Precinct 2.

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A visiting judge denied Attorney Matthew Thigpen application requesting the restraining order and walked out of the courtroom, offering no explanation for the decision. The opposition plans to continue fighting.

Just one day ahead of the November election, Attorney Matthew Thigpen filed a lawsuit for his clients, Delores Radford and Richard Lanham both from Tyler. The suit was filed against the City of Tyler, Smith County, and Smith County Commissioners.

Thigpen made his case to visiting Judge Andrew Kupper from Kaufman County, claiming nearly half of the signatures on petitions New Balance 990v4 Womens calling for the alcohol election are not valid. He New Balance 996 Orange Tennis

New Balance 990v4 Womens

for Monday restraining order hearing.

But, Thigpen says he already has plans to officially contest the election results Wednesday if the alcohol vote pass.

Mike Daniels with opposition group "Stand Strong for Tyler" was not pleased with the judge decision.

New Balance 990v4 Womens

New Balance 990v4 Womens

New Balance 990v4 Womens

Dacus told the judge Thigpen is not entitled to a restraining order because he could not prove that the election would cause immediate and irreparable harm.

´╗┐Judge denies restraining order against alcohol vote

said there were duplicate signatures and wrong birth dates, and asked for a restraining order to provide more time to validate the signatures.

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