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I am convinced for the Claremorris to Collooney route a greenway along this part of the rail alignment is the most realistic aspiration we can hope for and actually will deliver a facility that will do the greater good for the greater number of people in the west. The number of people using the Great Western Greenway is evidence of the success the Sligo Mayo Greenway would be.

Cllr O also recently said when comparing the idea of a greenway on the route north of Claremorris with the Great Western Greenway: is one major difference between that project and the northern section of the Western Rail Corridor, and that is the fact that this particular railway still exists, and offers the possibility of being reopened as a rail route in the medium term.

Myth 2: No government has ever committed to re open the Claremorris to Collooney railway line, despite what you may have heard in the media.

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New Balance 990v4

New Balance 990v4

I think it is time to nail a couple of myths on the head in regard to the rail line north of Claremorris.

Mayo Fine Gael councillor Patsy O recently dismissed the idea of a greenway along the northern section of the Western Rail Corridor line, north of Claremorris, New Balance Women 574 Fashion

´╗┐Jobs for Sligo and Mayo today

The Sligo Mayo Greenway could form the backbone New Balance 574 Blue Navy

The idea also has the support of Enda Kenny. Mr Kenny sent an email to Sligo Mayo Greenway in December of last year in which he said this about the Sligo Mayo Greenway idea: the Greenway along the section of the Claremorris/Collooney Western rail line. I favour this kind of development for relatively small money which will have a considerable impact in respect of tourism.

A government report into the concept of the Western Rail Corridor (the New Balance 990v4 McCann Report ) published in 2005 identified the section of the line from Claremorris to Collooney for special mention. The report highlighted two issues and stated: when it was built in 1891 1892 the section was constructed as a light railway. If it were to be brought into the Irish Rail network the formation would have to be rebuilt to the national heavy rail standard. The second relates to the cost of necessary alterations to level crossings, of which there are a total of 290 along the section, two of which alone would cost to create grade separations. a result of the findings of the McCann Report, the last government only ever committed to re open the Western Rail Corridor from Athenry to Tuam and then possibly to Claremorris. The only commitment on the section north of Claremorris was to preserve and protect this part of the line. No undertaking has ever been taken to re open this part of the line, and if you read the McCann report of 2005 you can understand why.

The Great Western Greenway was built for about per km, using this as a benchmark, the 70 km route of the Sligo Mayo Greenway could be built for about million, yes a lot of money; but put this in the context of the local construction jobs it will create immediately and the sustainable tourism and support jobs it will create in the long term. The project could pay for itself in as little as five years with the jobs it creates and the cost savings on unemployment those jobs replace.

New Balance 990v4

New Balance 990v4

Myth 1: Rebuilding the Claremorris Collooney line is not a simple matter of lifting the old tracks and laying new ones down in their place. The 2005 McCann report stated it would be the most expensive part of the Western Rail Corridor to restore should it be considered and there are significant engineering issues to be addressed.

Sligo Mayo Greenway, Mayo Sligo Greenway who cares! I guess it depends where you start from. More than 20 TDs plus senators and councillors from all sides of the political spectrum are friends. To join the campaign on Facebook put sligomayogreenway into the Facebook search facility.

of a network of greenways in the west and northwest of Ireland eventually connecting with the Great Western Greenway and allowing cycling and long distance walking tourism in Ireland to flourish once again. What is more, should the railway line ever come on the agenda again in the future a greenway will protect the alignment and contrary to the opinion expressed by Mr O it is New Balance 574 Uk

quite feasible to have railway lines and greenways running side by side. There is plenty of evidence to show this can be done.

Hasn the time finally come to say, instead of campaigning for something that will not happen in the medium to long term if ever let consider the achievable, and increasingly to many, the more desirable option for this route: A greenway. Let get behind the campaign for this idea, because it could happen soon and it would create jobs now.

as term gain and I am not sure what he meant by this term, but the Sligo Mayo Greenway campaign says the idea should not be dismissed flippantly and needs to be examined as a realistic alternative to any proposed railway in the current climate.

He followed this up with another email in January 2011 in which he said: I also congratulate you on your efforts to date in progressing the Mayo Sligo Greenway.

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New Balance 990v4

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