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that we don't admire. There are people in the room we don't think should have won. There is stuff which has been pushed through because of finance and Channel 4 feeling like the little brother compared to the BBC, but tonight is about Paul Whitehouse."

Having got into his stride as the crowd burst into fits of laughter, he added: "I would like to say there are people in this room New Balance 574 Blue Green

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He rounded off with a "genuine moment of sincerity" describing Whitehouse as the "godfather" of comedy.

not about slagging off the sponsors or giving an international award away to someone just because he was here.

"Paul's comedy compared to other people," he said muttering "The Office" under his breath "does not make victims of anything and it does not claim that it is getting over boundaries."

Speaking to an audience filled with British comedy talent and US Anchorman actor Will Ferrell, who won the International Achievement award, Vegas said: "Tonight is New Balance 574 Mens On Feet

New Balance Men's 996

New Balance Men's 996

New Balance Men's 996

New Balance Men's 996

"It is not about the state of TV and the fact you New Balance Black Suede 420

New Balance Men's 996

won't commission anything fresh."

JOHNNY Vegas created one of the outrageous moments at the British Comedy Awards by claiming some of the winners should not have won and that television stations have a lot to answer for.

New Balance Men's 996

"Tonight is not about sitting here and saying New Balance Men's 996 Paul (Whitehouse) put me in the show and I won an award about nine years ago and haven't won anything since. Tonight is about what he has achieved and not me getting angry while I'm up here.

New Balance Men's 996

´╗┐Johnny Vegas speech grabs the attention at British Comedy Awards From St Helens Star

New Balance Men's 996

New Balance Men's 996

New Balance Men's 996

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