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little bit of everything and I will have to be on my toes and look out for everything."

It could be an idea carried over from boxing, but the Heavyweight title is often perceived as being the most prestigious in the world of MMA and Jones reckons he could be set to make the move up when the time is right.

dangerous opponent and when you are the champion everyone is out to get you. I feel great, all the hard work is done and I am exactly where I need to be.

be looked at as a fighter punk, I want to let the world know that we are martial artists, great professional athletes and great professionals."

He said: "Everyone that I fight is a New Balance 996 Reengineered Pack

However, his opponent on Saturday, another former Light Heavyweight champion, is also a versatile fighter who earned his title shot with a devastating knock out against UFC hall of fame star Randy Couture at UFC 129.

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones is confident he will complete the latest chapter in his fledgling career with flying colours when he faces former champion Lyoto Machida at UFC 140.

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New Balance 1500 By

Machida is also a well rounded competitor and evoked memories of 1980s Hollywood flick The Karate Kid with a vicious front kick to the head that dropped Couture, but Jones is unconcerned by the Brazilian's striking prowess and insists he will not tailor his game plan accordingly.

"My game plan is to go out and be myself, stay relaxed, and have fun. Then I can do the thing that I love the most."

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New Balance 1500 By

New Balance 1500 By

New Balance 1500 By

New Balance 1500 By

TalentThe importance of Jones' rise to the top of his weight division is not lost on the New York fighter, whose skill set in the Octagon perfectly summarises the multi disciplinary talents needed to excel in a sport that is constantly evolving.

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"I don't feel as if I have to fight any better as I always fight to the best of my ability, but I feel a responsibility to represent my sport in a good light.

New Balance 1500 By

"I don't think there is anything to watch out for in particular from Lyoto, I just have to be on my game.

"Lyoto is a very well rounded MMA fighter who can do a New Balance Juniors 996 Tennis Shoes Pink And Blue

An NCAA Division 1 wrestling champion, Jones has competed at the highest level in College sports and he compounds those skills with martial arts including Taekwondo, Muay Thai and fledgling style Gaidojutsu, which in itself is a pioneering style founded by his trainer Greg Jackson which combines multiple disciplines.

Aside from his varied training methods, it is Jones' improvisation skills in the Octagon make him a dangerous adversary, as it is difficult for opponents to study him and target New Balance 1500 By his weaknesses.

"Now that the UFC is on Fox there are bigger endorsement deals out there, more people watching and I don't want to New Balance 420 Womens Dark Red

Ahead of his 16th professional MMA contest, the youngest ever UFC champion oozes confidence and a self belief mistaken by most observers as arrogance, but Jones has an impressive CV to back up his positive outlook.

HeavyweightConsidering his meteoric rise to the pinnacle of his weight class, there are always inevitable calls for Jones, whose slender build on his 6'4" frame looks as though it could fill out without hindering his style, to move up to Heavyweight for a new challenge.

The 24 year old has already amassed 15 victories, with a questionable disqualification the only blemish on his record, and is fully focused on becoming the next household name not just in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), but in world sport. One day it will be up there with other major sports like basketball and football.

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Jones is not adverse to the idea, but is keen to focus on his upcoming fight and contrary to exaggerated tales of arrogance, take each step as it comes.

´╗┐Jones in the zone

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