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New Balance 373 Grey And Purple

New Balance 373 Grey And Purple

I had no idea how the fluid acrylic inks would react on unfinished wood; I just had this urge to dance a ballet with these liquid paints swish around water with a giant brush. Being stuck inside for a week has made me stir crazy and my ache for painting has been so strong, I feel it in my bones. There's just something to getting out there, into the world, and allowing yourself to get lost in the flow.

New Balance 373 Grey And Purple

Would you like to participate? I'm going to give myself a prompt list, blog each day, even if I don't finish or only make a few marks. I have a lot going on, lots of moving, but I know I can make time for my art.

I just adore these textures!

while I was away, I kinda made a bit of a spiritual transition.

Yes, that is a castor wheel covered in paint!

And so, when I was able to get to the studio, I immediately pulled out my Neocolor II crayons, spray inks, white paint, and neon color and just started playing around. No need for balance or perfect or thought just a girl pouring out her heart on paper.

I'm thinking I'd post each day, but have a separate blog for progress pics and tips that would be a $5 $10 donation thing (more for energy exchange than anything else).

and random art supplies from the nights when I had a little bit of extra energy to doodle. And back there, I found a stack of paintings I'd New Balance 373 Grey And Purple been in the process of photographing for Etsy before everything started to blur together in a perpetual state of panic.

New Balance 373 Grey And Purple

There's a wall I see from bed, the things hung upon it the last things I see before I fall asleep, the first I see upon waking. There's notes to myself, old drawings, favorites I've printed, bought, or been gifted. My tiny word canvas for this year, circle, sticks out with its neon paint, and that little photo Meg bought for me from Sabrina Ward Harrison is taped up near New Balance 996 Revlite

´╗┐Journal Girl

the center, a row of apples on a windowsill overlooking greenery.

Today, I cleaned off my larger desk, where I'd started putting things down after long days of taking care of aging parents, or visiting one of them in the hospital, or one of the other thousand things I have on my to do list. There were clothes and receipts and purses New Balance 1500

But I decided to challenge myself to a No Spend August (on art supplies), meaning I couldn't buy one no matter how much window shopping I do on my phone.

New Balance 373 Grey And Purple

PS. I have so much in my heart to share, I'm full to bursting! So many thoughts to put in order and art to share. I've been updating my Etsy shop every other day with new original paintings, as my studio space is changing and I need to clean things out! Check it out for some awesome, vivid paintings!

New Balance 373 Grey And Purple

Whenever I go out, I usually have to decide what media I am going to use: sketchbook, watercolors, or markers. Except now, I have one of each, a bunch of stickers, a Peerless watercolor palette, and a Moleskine cahier for writing! I can use whatever I want, and can easily archive fill notebooks. It fits perfectly in my purse and yeah, I'm in love!

New Balance 373 Grey And Purple

In my yearning to paint more, I'd lost touch with what brought me here, to this point in my life.

One of the biggest lessons I've learned over the past few months is that we not only need faith in the Universe (or God, or Goddess), but relax into the flow of that faith. Be proactive but allow life to sweep you along on this wild ride. And if you need to rest for a bit, there's no shame in tipping your head back and absorbing the brilliant sunlight as the world fades away for a bit.

From what I understand, Midori Traveler's Notebooks are soft covered modular notebooks where you can pretty much make whatever you need and add things in via elastic and rubber bands. There are TONS of videos out there: I watched Ray Blake's DIY video and Lefty Lettering's Kristen Nohe's walk throughs.

(Just remember that when pens say waterproof, they usually mean when used on paper. They're formulated to soak into the paper fibers, so keep this in mind when pen shopping. I've used mine over markers and the lines stay put; if you want something that is waterproof over ANY media, I recommend the Pentel Pocket Brush w/ India ink.)

New Balance 373 Grey And Purple

You'll also find doctor's notes and medical paperwork, along with a sign made for the young women at church last week about trying to be more Christ like. Yes, New Balance 996 Blue Gold

The "replacement" pen is a . This is in their line of pens to prevent check fraud, so it's mostly waterproof. I can't wait to reveal the project I've been working on!

I found this one in the stack. I remember working on it, and doodling, and falling in love with that lower right corner. And even though I didn't know if it was finished yet, and haven't varnished it, I decided to take down a different painting and hang this one up. I need a bit of bright and new and lovely on that wall. It helps to balance it all, this random assortment of me.

There are yellow roses I hung upside down to dry, then tied to glittery silver branches with hand dyed ribbon, a birthday card from three of the sweetest girls ever, and a note from one night when I decided to become a Creative Warrior and tell my invisible illnesses to take a hike. All while running this year's Art Journal Summer Camp without interruption (past the internet going out, but I was ready even if the cable was not).

I used an old Paperchase notebook for the cover, and made two of the inner notebooks (even had someone help get out my saddle stapler!). Seriously, this is genius. I really hope the pics help tell the story; I snapped them with my phone. I'll try for a tutorial next week just wish me luck at the doctor tomorrow (this is just the beginning of a long road, but things can only get better!).

There is no fear in this heart, just the excited yearning for possibility.

The first pen I got is the bottom one, a Uniball Signo 153. This is the black version of the best white pen ever created, and wow is it amazing! The ink flows beautifully, and the thick lines are dreamy. It's like a paint pen but not it's gel ink but is waterproof!

New Balance 373 Grey And Purple

One of the commitments I made to myself this year was to be more organized and create awesome spaces for my circle. This means planning ahead, thinking about the experience from the POV of a student, and go above and beyond what I promise in a class.

But I realized I missing living in a sketchbook/art journal. Carrying a book around and gluing in paper scraps, drawing dreams, and writing poetry, yearnings, or whatever other words are aching to come out.

New Balance 373 Grey And Purple

New Balance 373 Grey And Purple

New Balance 373 Grey And Purple

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