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The assistant Crown attorney also questioned Bedford's explanation to police that he accessed the images because he was curious.

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In June, the court heard Bedford's girlfriend contacted police after she chanced upon pornographic images of children while using his computer.

Hepburn said Bedford met the criteria for a diagnosis of voyeurism, but disagreed with Kelly's suggestion that he also met the criteria for a pedophile.

Const. Doug Erkkila, who conducted a forensic examination of the computer system, showed the judge a sampling of the images, which he described as a broad range of child pornography.

The woman, who was at his Kohler Street apartment, was about to send an e mail when a set of thumbnail photos with a link opened up.

´╗┐Judge reserves decision on sentencing man with

According to Bedford's doctor, "a period of incarceration would have an adverse effect on his medical treatment,'' the defence said.

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fantasy that took over his life and indicated he spent several hours a day on the Internet.

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The images ranged from photos of genitals of prepubescent females to sexual acts involving New Balance 574 Black And Green

20 years.

Kelly noted how the child pornography had been saved in a highly organized manner and hidden five levels deep into the storage system.

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On Wednesday, Bisceglia told the court police also had located 4,000 photographs of adult pornography on his client's computer.

This could happen next week or four months from now, he said.

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Defence counsel Joe Bisceglia urged the judge to impose the minimum mandatory sentence of 45 days, to be served intermittently, probation and 100 hours of community service.

Prosecutor Mike Kelly called for a 12 to 15 month jail term, followed by three years probation with a lengthy list of conditions, as well as a requirement that Bedford register as a sex offender for New Balance 574 Usa Olympic

During cross examination by the New Balance 996 Dark Green Crown, Hepburn said Bedford viewed pornography as a New Balance Men's 3000 V3 Turf Baseball Trainers

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City police technological crime unit officers determined there was a total of 554 pornographic images of children, 538 of which were unique and 16 were duplications.

He referred to court of appeal decisions that indicate general deterrence is the most significant principle of sentencing that should be addressed in these case.

Bisceglia said his client lost his $77,000 a year job with the lottery corporation when he was charged, and after an eight month search is employed with a tax firm, earning less than one third of that amount.

"That might be a valid explanation for a small number of images but we're dealing with over 530 images of child pornography. This is inconsistent with simply being curious.''

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Bedford also indicated he got sexual gratification from viewing child pornography, the psychologist said.

"In my personal opinion, Mr. Bedford is not a pedophile,'' Hepburn later said, after telling Bisceglia the accused is at the low end of the likelihood of re offending.

adult males and children, including infants.

"He has suffered a significant price to his personal life and his working life,'' Bisceglia said. "What useful function would there be to crush Mr. Bedford further than he's been crushed by his own actions.''

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Bedford also has only one kidney, which is functioning at 25 per cent, and as his condition is continuing to disintegrate will eventually require continual dialysis, Bisceglia said.

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