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New Balance 996 White Blue

New Balance 996 White Blue

"Over the years, I kind of just took on the position. I loved it, it was different," Jestings said. "Being able to be the last person to stop the ball from going in, I kind of like the pressure in a way and New Balance Burgundy 410

New Balance 996 White Blue

COLCHESTER Somewhere along the way, Haley Jestings stopped volunteering.

"It was really stressful and there was a lot of pressure at times," Jestings said. "But at the same time I knew I had to perform and I wanted to show people that just because I was a freshman it didn't mean I shouldn't be considered a good player."

"The thing about Haley is New Balance 996 White Blue you just kind of forget about her. She knows what she's doing. She controls the net. She's a leader on the field."

Jestings' best asset for her team "Definitely not my height, I'm pretty short," she said is where fundamentals meet experience.

New Balance 996 White Blue

"She was groomed by watching a great player with the mentality of Lauren," Paul said. "She's gone from a young kid just trying to not make mistakes and take care of the net to a leader."

New Balance 996 White Blue

Smart, tough and with "zero fear," she could just be the lynchpin for the Lakers' next lengthy playoff run.

"Being back there, you have to be the base of the team and always be aware," Jestings said. "You can have great games and stand out. But also you can have a great game and still lose.

´╗┐Jestings now a leader for Lakers

left their mark.

Once a field player, frequent stints as a stand in goalkeeper New Balance Wc 996 Review

"It's just you never know what's going to happen."

New Balance 996 White Blue

New Balance 996 White Blue

But that presence didn't develop overnight.

New Balance 996 White Blue

"Haley's got a hunger this year and I think we're going to see something special," Paul said. "She knows for this team to be as successful as we want to be she's got to have a huge year."

New Balance 996 White Blue

it helps me perform a little better."

Three years ago, Jestings was the freshman backstop for the Lakers' run to the Division I championship game with Lauren Bernard, a two time Gatorade player of the year now playing for Boston College.

New Balance 996 White Blue

The then rookie recorded a pair of playoff shutouts, one an upset of top seeded Champlain Valley. She held her own, but still remembers 2010 as "the year we should've had it."

After years of playing club soccer year round, Paul said his senior netminder opted to New Balance Rose Gold 574

It has been years since the Colchester High School senior has been anything other than a goalkeeper. And with nearly 50 varsity starts under her belt, Jestings is something of a rarity, too, entering her fourth season patrolling the Lakers' goal line.

"It is rare, especially in this program," said Colchester coach Jeff Paul. "We've had a line of really good goalkeepers here.

take the summer off and appears more focused because of the decision.

If it was unnatural as a freshman, communication has become a strength.

New Balance 996 White Blue

And two years with Bernard, an All American, molded the vocal leader the Lakers have today, constantly organizing and directing her teammates on the field.

New Balance 996 White Blue

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