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It had made it past second reading to land in the hands of the standing committee on justice policy. To reappear, it would have to be reintroduced in the legislature and it appears that is not an option under consideration.

There will be no tears shed among this group that it is dead.

´╗┐Judge should have ordered officer to court or a

New Balance 996 Black Suede

New Balance 996 Black Suede

Jaczek had thrown out some high numbers in regard to accidents in which children under the age of 14 were involved, but Raynald Marchand, New Balance 574 Sneakers

"In doing my research I did find there have been over 500 injuries involving people under the age of 16 riding on bicycles, but nothing on motorcycles. This bill is right out of the blue and not justifiable from the statistics."

Yet in an interview with Mark Richardson, editor of the Wheels section of The Toronto Star, she seemed to undermine her own argument in saying, "The key thing is being able to reach those footrests and having a level of judgment in terms of hanging on."

New Balance 996 Black Suede

The explanatory note accompanying Jaczek's bill said it "amends the Highway Traffic Act to prohibit driving or operating a motorcycle on a highway while a person under the age of 14 is a passenger on the motorcycle, with a view to promoting safety on Ontario's roads and protecting youth from preventable injuries."

Lawyer Bruce Willson, representing four of the accused, told Linda Richardson of The Sault Star that the reason for the adjournment wasn't adequate, that there has to be a more serious event, such as illness or an accident, to grant such a request.

Hub, the police crackdown on open drug use in the downtown core that was undertaken a year ago, was renamed Operation Flub by the media after Ontario Court Justice Andrew Buttazzoni dismissed charges against 10 accused because the chief Crown witness was a no show.

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That, of course, is pretty well what is required by the law that is already on the books, making her proposal redundant from a legal point of view. As well, it has long been the practice of motorcyclists to take along only passengers they know they can do so in safety.

The bill brought a lot of worry to parents and grandparents who thought they were about to lose their joyous afternoon, evening or day long motorcycle outings with young family members.

THE PRIVATE MEMBER'S bill that would have banned anyone under the age of 14 from being a passenger on a motorcycle is dead.

Yes, and so is justice. And I don't think it was served here.

program general manager for the Canada Safety Council, told Ted Laturnus of The Globe and Mail he hadn't "been able to find any statistics to support this bill. There have been some injuries reported from children burning themselves on hot exhaust pipes and so on, but no fatalities in Ontario within the past seven years involving anyone under the age of 14 riding on the back of a motorcycle.

I had asked Sault MPP David Orazietti for an update on the status of the bill, which was sponsored by Helena Jaczek, Liberal MPP for Oak Ridges Markham, and he said it died on the order paper at the end of the last session of the Ontario legislature.

New Balance 996 Black Suede

New Balance 996 Black Suede

Buttazzoni should have either ordered the Crown to tell the undercover officer to get his butt up here, honeymoon or not, or adjourned the case.

If an accused doesn't show, he or she is New Balance Shoes 373

Operation New Balance 373 Dark Grey

I received an e mail from New Balance 996 Black Suede a reader saying he had heard the fee was going to increase from the $5 charged by SAH at its present site to $10 at the new site.

The service has requested a transcript of the adjournment proceedings and will assess if an appeal will be launched, Chorney told Richardson.

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Buttazzoni refused to grant federal prosecutors an adjournment because an out of town police officer wasn't available to testify because he was getting married. Although a trial date had been set in February, through a bureaucratic foul up of the first order, the officer hadn't received a subpoena until the first week in September.

JUST THOUGHT I should take a moment to dispel a rumour that is making the rounds in regard to a proposed increase in parking fees when the new hospital opens in the spring.

As far as I am concerned, the administration of justice is more important than the slight inconvenience caused the accused or the court resources expended.

It should have been able to work out something in this case. Otherwise, why don't we just shut down the system?

I had written in opposition to the bill in a column in March of last year, echoing the position of Peter Kormos, NDP MPP for Welland, who pointed out in registering his dissent in debate that there already was legislation covering passengers on motorcycles and it followed the proper criterion, that being size rather than age.

not immediately convicted. The trial is adjourned and a warrant is issued for the arrest of the absentee accused.

All of the accused and their lawyers were present and a considerable amount of court resources was involved, Willson said.

"You can't willy nilly treat things like that," he said. "These are serious charges, but so is the process."

New Balance 996 Black Suede

Wayne Chorney, the lead federal prosecutor in the case, said he felt the judge's decision, based on the evidence before him, was fair, but that was not to say his colleagues with the Public Prosecution Service of Canada agree.

New Balance 996 Black Suede

I hope it is.

Ontario's Highway Traffic Act states a person who is a passenger on a motorcycle operated on a highway shall sit astride the seat in such a manner that his or her feet are placed upon the footrests.

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New Balance 996 Black Suede

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