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New Balance 996 Orange Tennis

New Balance 996 Orange Tennis

Questions about irregularities in the financial books first surfaced in late 2011. Both groups conducted audits, reviewed purchases and checked the signatures on financial reports.

It also calls for her to pay restitution of "about $2,500" to the PTA.

At one point, when asked to produce a 2011 financial report for the Girl Scouts, she wrote two New Balance Yacht Club 574

Although the prosecutor and Joy Peck's attorney tried to find another judge Wednesday for the sentencing to go forward, none was available.

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Under a plea agreement, which the next judge can follow or disregard, Joy Peck pleaded guilty to just one count. Her attorney, Dan Healy, said the agreement includes "different options," including placing Joy Peck on probation for felony stealing or a suspended imposition of sentence.

The Girl Scouts raise money through cookie sales to fund troop activities.

It's not uncommon for there to be good communication between the two groups because they both meet after school and often have overlapping membership.

She reportedly had access to the PTA checking account and the Girl Scouts' debit card.

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The case will now have to go to another judge.

A sentencing New Balance 996 Orange Tennis hearing for a woman accused of stealing from a local PTA and Girl Scout troop took a surprising twist Wednesday when the judge realized he was a victim in the case.

´╗┐Judge learns some stolen money was his

"It's my fault, folks," he said.

Joy Peck, 30, who recently moved out of the Springfield area, pleaded guilty to felony stealing in July. As part of a plea agreement, she pleaded guilty to taking the missing funds from the PTA. The charge involving the Girl Scout money was dismissed as part of the agreement.

"We are really disappointed," said Ann Owsley, who was PTA president when the allegations came to light. "We were looking forward to today as a resolution."

leader Jordan Lyndsay Joy Peck when, in paging through the documents in open court, he paused.

New Balance 996 Orange Tennis

New Balance 996 Orange Tennis

New Balance 996 Orange Tennis

New Balance 996 Orange Tennis

checks to repay $912.27. One was a personal check and the other was from the PTA account.

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New Balance 996 Orange Tennis

The PTA involves parents, students and community partners to raise funds to support the school and fund special events.

Judge Dan Conklin was preparing for the sentencing of former PTA New Balance 574 Shoes

Details of the caseFor a two year period, from mid 2010 to early 2012, Joy Peck helped direct both the PTA and the Girl Scout troop. She had two children enrolled at Wanda Gray Elementary, the 530 student school located at 2102 W. Farm Road 182 in southwest Springfield.

A probable cause statement filed in the case states that Joy Peck told sheriff's Detective Michael Eatherly that she bought "personal items" and failed to reimburse the PTA and Girl Scout troops.

In early 2012, officials from the PTA and Girl Scouts contacted the Greene County Sheriff's Office with concerns about missing money and questionable debit card purchases.

that he should have noticed his connection earlier in the year long case.

Conklin's granddaughter was a member of the Girl Scouts troop Joy Peck allegedly stole from. Joy Peck was in leadership roles for both the Wanda Gray Elementary PTA and the school's Girl Scouts Troop No. 70472.

"I had asked Joy Peck why she did it and she replied her husband would be 'pissed' if he knew how much she had spent. She stated it was a tailspin thing and began lumping (up)," Easterly wrote in the statement. "Joy Peck stated she couldn't give a real reason why she did it, but it was probably greed. She further advised it was a little of keeping up with the (Joneses)."

The statement says on two occasions, after being questioned about purchases, Joy Peck repaid some amounts.

But she also noted that she appreciated that the judge spoke up. She said she didn't want to have gone through the whole process only to find out later that something had been done wrong.

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