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"The conditions of the home are described as being deplorable,'' Murphy said, referring to the home's kitchen as "makeshift.''

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Darrell Batke's actions "bullying.''

Instead, Batke, 49, was sentenced to a four month term of house arrest and one year of probation after pleading guilty to one count of attempting to pervert, defeat or obstruct justice.

Court heard he was misdiagnosed as an infant and suffered New Balance 1080

"In the living room, the sole piece of furniture is the back seat of the family van.''

´╗┐judge blasts father who tried to bully daughter in lying after four of his children put in foster care

Harrison noted the ongoing care of Batke's 23 year New Balance 996 Green Grey old disabled son as an exceptional circumstance that kept the man from spending time behind bars.

judge had harsh words for a man who tried to intimidate his daughter into lying in court after four of his children were taken into foster care due to "deplorable'' living conditions.

irreparable brain damage, for which Batke was awarded a large sum of money following a malpractice suit.

The fifth child is a 23 year old son with the mental capacity of a six month old baby.

Batke kicked his 11 year old son out of the house for misbehaving, threatening to shoot him if he didn't leave the property.

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Crown lawyer Adrienne Murphy described a harrowing existence on the family's 10 acre farm in Louis Creek, about 60 kilometres north of Kamloops.

Court heard three of Batke's five children New Balance Red 574 Fashion

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New Balance 996 Green Grey

That resulted in a neighbour calling police, and four of the five children were taken into foster care immediately.

The money was used to buy the Louis Creek property.

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Late in the summer of 2013, during a supervised visit to a mall with two of his daughters, ages 12 and 10, Batke issued an expletive laden threat to one of girls, saying, You better lie to the . court, you . .''

The terms of his house arrest include a condition that he have no contact with his four children in foster care other than as ordered by a family court judge.

The boy left, but approached his mother's vehicle when she arrived home with pizza a short time later. Batke found the boy hiding and eating pizza in the family van and forcefully took the food from him.

"If you encourage people to lie to you, intimidate people to get them to lie in court, you can expect jail,'' Provincial Court Judge Steven Harrison said.

"The children had no furniture in their rooms other than a mattress they would drag from room to room.

He called New Balance Maroon 574

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asked a neighbour to call police after an incident at the house on May 18, 2013.

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