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you offering me a contract? the man said.

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The officer said he was in the courtroom when Buttazzoni was speaking to Middaugh who was indicating he wanted to be called man.

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all due respect I have the right to be recognized as a person before the law and the law is the law, the man said a declaration he had made a couple of minutes earlier.

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Dustin Middaugh, 31, was slated to go to trial on a charge of obstructing police stemming from an incident that occurred on June 1.

Kirk indicated he had an affidavit of service showing a city police officer had personally served Middaugh with the document.

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Chartrand said that after speaking with Kirk he found a bench warrant hadn't yet been prepared or signed and released Middaugh from custody, telling him he was to appear in court.

Thinking a bench warrant had been issued, they arrested him in the parking lot.

Looking at the file, Buttazzoni noted the trial co ordinator had sent Middaugh a letter on Sept. 12 indicating that an Oct. 31 trial date been scheduled in his absence from court on Sept. 9.

not offering you anything, Buttazzoni told him.

He then told the man that before they went any further, he needed to know his identity.

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The court then heard from Sgt. Norm Chartrand, who is in charge of court security and the courthouse for the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service.

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A summons to appear in court was attached to the letter in the file.

offering you an opportunity to sit down, Buttazzoni told him.

you offering me a contract? the man again asked the judge.

Following a lunch break, New Balance 996 Reengineered Navy

but was dealing with Middaugh's case and again inquired about his identity.

A bench warrant was issued Thursday for a New Balance 300 Vintage

you trying New Balance 996 Grey On Feet to deny justice? the man asked, to which the judge replied that he wasn't denying justice, New Balance 996 Ebay Uk

Buttazzoni then asked if anyone was recording and no one in the handful of people in the room responded.

The judge said he was going to have Middaugh paged again.

did the same in other courts. officers involved in Middaugh's case were at the back of the courtroom and followed him when he left the courtroom, Chartrand said.

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man who refused to answer to his name when his case was called and then walked out of the courtroom as the judge was attempting to learn his identity.

´╗┐Judge issues bench warrant for man

After no one responded to the page, Kirk suggested they complete the rest of the court list to if anybody turns up. in the morning, Middaugh's name was again called and there was no response.

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When Buttazzoni had the clerk page Middaugh's name again, the man walked out of the courtroom.

At that point assistant Crown attorney David Kirk told the judge he had received information that someone besides the court reporter was recording the proceedings.

Kirk then asked for a bench warrant for Middaugh's arrest.

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