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New Balance 620 Women Outfit

We were never the closest of friends but he was a big, big part of my success and I shall never forget that.

´╗┐Jim Watt pays tribute to the late Mickey Duff and the part he played in his world title success

New Balance 620 Women Outfit

New Balance 620 Women Outfit

InfluentialRoberto Duran hadn't made lightweight for a long time and moved up to welterweight so I got to fight for the vacant title.

New Balance 620 Women Outfit

New Balance 620 Women Outfit

I was ranked number two and Alfredo Pitalua was the number one but I fought for it in Glasgow and won the world title. A major factor was that I had the clout of Mickey behind me.

fought under Terry it was at the Royal Albert Hall against George Turpin, along with Dave Boy Green and Maurice Hope. It showed immediately just how powerful Mickey could be

We had been friends for years but to be honest I rarely saw Mickey once I'd retired. Even when I started commentating, I was working for ITV and he was already with the BBC, so we were never at the same shows.

And as long as I kept winning, Mickey did his bit and got me that world title chance.

Mickey was fortunate enough to have spent his life working in the sport New Balance 620 Women Outfit and business he loved.

New Balance 620 Women Outfit

He would drive a hard bargain but once the deal was done, he always backed up his side of things and he always gave you what he'd promised and sometimes a little bit more!

New Balance 620 Women Outfit

in my career, so it is extremely sad to lose him.

It means I had access to the big shows and the first time I New Balance 410 Metallic Gold

New Balance 620 Women Outfit

New Balance 620 Women Outfit

When I started out I had a Scottish manager and I wasn't really getting the opportunities I was looking for, but Terry Lawless and Mickey had a great relationship between them and once I went with Terry all of a sudden I was fighting on Mickey's shows.

Understandably in the last few years he was never the man of old but what a life he had led in boxing down the years. He played a big part New Balance 574 Khaki

Terry was the type that would always go to the gym and although I did spend time with Mickey in the run up to fights, he was always here, there and everywhere, flying the world.

He was not a trainer but when you had him in your corner you knew you could go places. All of a sudden you were talking with or about New Balance 574 Uk Size 4

He was never in the gym but he was involved in every single aspect of the game: from a boxer to a cornerman, right through to an agent and promoter.

I needed an influential promoter to get me where I wanted to go and while there is no way I'd have won that world title without Lawless, Mickey also played a huge part and I will never forget him for that.

He was a shrewd and hard businessman some people never have a good word to say about promoters but I did when it came to Mickey.

New Balance 620 Women Outfit

It meant it was hard to keep the friendship going but nothing changed, so when we would meet up it was always good to have a catch up.

New Balance 620 Women Outfit

the WBC for example, because Mickey had a voice that would be heard.

New Balance 620 Women Outfit

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