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New Balance U410 Red

we look at the condition of the bill, said Dick.

That old gold necklace or silver coin could be worth something, but there are several factors to consider, says Barry Dick, president of Ursa Major Gold, Silver and Coin.

New Balance U410 Red

Dick, who is based in Richmond, BC, was in Cold Lake on May 12 and 13 to analyze coins and jewelry.

With coins Dick is a certified coin grader the first consideration is whether or not the coin is collectible; that potential rarity is then combined with the item condition to get a numismatic value.

Broken chains, earrings, engagement and/or wedding rings (known as jewelry in the trade), charm bracelets, and even dental gold are fair game, as is Canadian paper money.

are downsizing and want to get something for them.

He stressed he is not appraising the gold, but is assessing how much gold is in the item.

transparent. I do things in front of the customer, and with a full explanation as well. There no back room, or curtain. said he cover the four Western Canada provinces, and comes to Cold Lake about once a year.

The amount paid for New Balance U410 Red any item will depend on several variables, such as the condition, supply and demand, and, in the case of bank notes, the serial number.

New Balance U410 Red

New Balance U410 Red

New Balance U410 Red

pay the same for a broken chain as for a chain that operational Gold is gold is gold. customers, Dick noted, bring their items in because they New Balance 1500 Urban Exploration

New Balance U410 Red

´╗┐jewelry can bring New Balance 574 Usa Edition

With the latter, Dick also looks for the signatures of the Governor of the Bank of Canada and his deputy. If the note belongs to a time when one New Balance 574 Black And Orange

He strongly urges customers not to use mail in companies, which pay only pennies on the dollar and do their business out of sight of the client.


Dick came to his love of coins early, beginning his first collection at age 7. He went on to pan for gold at age 16.

Jewelry is looked at for its purity of gold or silver, and then weighed. It is melted, not resold, said Dick.

of those positions was held briefly by one of the signers, the note could be worth more.

New Balance U410 Red

New Balance U410 Red

New Balance U410 Red

provinces used to issue bank notes before they were standardized (in 1937), said Dick, adding items such as Prosperity Certificates, introduced in Alberta in 1936, are also accepted.

If the coin is worn, Dick looks at whether or not it is made or silver, in which case it is melted down to extract that silver.

New Balance U410 Red

New Balance U410 Red

New Balance U410 Red

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