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New Balance 574 Mid Cut Playful

´╗┐Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

We talk about Abells original plan for the show, what happened when he met Nissen, the dangers of working in the Amazon and the different working philosophies of each photographer.

See, this is not even right. Look away from the screen, pull up your calendar and make plans to go to the J Schnitz and see this work. I happened by J Schnitz director Jill Hartz' office yesterday just after it went up, and she took me up to see it. The painting is HUMONGOUS and completely dominates its little (very secure) room. The colors, the brushstrokes, the confidence (and arrogance!) of the man who painted this . I was bowled over. Hartz said, "Isn't it wonderful to be part of a New Balance Burgundy 420

New Balance 574 Mid Cut Playful

New Balance 574 Mid Cut Playful

Today exhibit is another driving force behind her upcoming talk. She hopes to spark a discussion and awareness in the community that will allow further examination of race and culture as well. Dante Zuniga West

Jill Hartz, the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Arts director, may be only a year and four months into her tenure, but her time at the UO has been filled with a mixture of cooperation and blocked paths. As staff prepare for a show she brought with her from Virginia " a show sure to resonate with the environmentalism of many UO students, staff and faculty " Hartz stays busy setting a course, or several, for the museum.

New Balance 574 Mid Cut Playful

New Balance 574 Mid Cut Playful

UO graduate student and curator Ashley Gibson is a woman on a mission. "I've always wanted to be doing something that fulfills my passion for the arts while at the same time addressing bigger world issues," she says, furiously typing into her laptop in effort to micromanage a mammoth workload. The ambitious Gibson now has her chance to address her concerns, as curator of the Diaspora, Identity and Race: Cuba Today exhibit at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, which focuses on the politically subversive works of contemporary Cuban artists.

New Balance 574 Mid Cut Playful

Thursday morning, 9:30 am. The sun shows its face for a few hours, and photographers Sam Abell (who flew in from Charlottesville, Virginia) and Torben Ulrik Nissen (who came a bit farther, from Denmark) walk into the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art at the University of Oregon.

Gibson admits that her desire in illuminating the racial and cultural struggles addressed by the artists of the Cuba New Balance 996 Suede & Mesh Sneakers

New Balance 574 Mid Cut Playful

Budget cuts, understaffing, a 75th anniversary " and the most successful opening in the museums history, replete with caped crusaders and surreptitious cell photos.

The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art is currently displaying Composition (pictured), a work by American artist Mark Rothko, in the Schnitzer Gallery for American Art. Here are some interesting facts about this work and the artist (some of which is directly copy pasted from a press release):

Mark Rothko was born in Latvia and immigrated to Portland, Ore. in 1913. He attended Lincoln High School in Portland before he studied liberal arts at Yale University from 1921 to 1923, but left without getting a degree. In 1925 Rothko moved to New York, where he started studying at the Art Students League under Max Weber. His first solo exhibition took place at the Portland Art Museum in 1933. No artists in Portland know of this fact and, therefore, continue to copy Rothko day in and day out.

New Balance 574 Mid Cut Playful

New Balance 574 Mid Cut Playful

Bust D'Homme, Pablo Picasso, courtesy Sotheby's. (c) 2010 Estate of Pablo Picasso / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

A female three toed sloth carrying a baby beneath herself crosses a playa to reach the Asunta River in Bolivia, from the "Amazonia" exhibition. Photo by Sam Abell, courtesy Jordan Schnitzer Musuem of Art

Read the interview after the jump!

Two things (I am so going to post my interview with Chris McVay tomorrow morning):

Excuse me. It went down for almost four days, It was being moved to a new server, and I couldn't access it for a couple of days; when it came back up (on the new server) this morning, I was scribbling this week's cover story like a crazed raccoon, so I couldn't blog.

New Balance 574 Mid Cut Playful

Read about an exciting theater fest in Portland after the jump!

New Balance 574 Mid Cut Playful

Jill Hartz on the past, present and future of the J Schnitz

Rothko rejected that he was an Abstract Expressionist, insisting he was not an abstract painter and was not interested in the relationship New Balance 574 Mid Cut Playful between form and color. Later art historians called "bullshit" on this claim.

Abell, a National Geographic for more than 30 years, and Nissen, an experienced wildlife photographer and guide, met on Abells first trip to the headwaters of the great river system.

museum that can have this painting!" She seemed truly appreciative to the anonymous lender and impressed by the work, which she hadn't seen yet either. New Balance 373 Womens Navy

So, you know, GET OVER THERE. You can see the "Amazonia" exhibit while you're there.

In addition to her curation of this exhibit, Gibson will be speaking at 5:30 pm on Wednesday, May 4, at the Schnitzer, elaborating on the show she put together. Though tight lipped about the content of her talk, Gibson mentioned that some of what she is going to discuss is the complex relationship between these nineteen different artists and their country of origin Cuba. "These artists have taken great risks and gone to great lengths to be subversive," she says. "It's important and fascinating to explore artists who are taking on a political system that sometimes does and sometimes doesn't choose to help or fund them."

1. There's a PICASSO up at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. And although the PR folk assured me it wasn't just any old Picasso, allow me to tell you that no web photo, even one on a big screen, is anything like the big, beautiful thing itself.

Painted in 1958, the vivid palette of Composition radiates with visceral heat and intensity. In other words, the artist used the color red a lot.

New Balance 574 Mid Cut Playful

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