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New Balance 990 White

´╗┐Jim Goure's Friday Lectures as CDs or MP3 Downloads

New Balance 990 White

New Balance 990 White

New Balance 990 White

earth through the genetic coding received before birth. Genetic coding dictates that we must be acceptable, be New Balance 1080 Made In Usa

New Balance 990 White

New Balance 990 White

Jim talks about cleansing and freeing your astral body from the "other worlds", or dimensions that influence and control you with out your knowledge, how to make your bubble of light more effective. Jim also gives techniques on how to close "openings" or tears and holes with in your auric field caused by drug and or alcohol use or other desires power, control, sex, female and male principles he says these things are called the seven veils of Salome. He does a version of the light prayer to help clear them. (6/5/85)

The United Research Family is receiving an extraordinary gift of service from Charlotte Kurtz. She is converting the library of cassette tapes to CD in order to both preserve these irreplaceable records as a source of wisdom and to make the information widely available through the Light Center bookstore. Our thanks to Charlotte.

loved, get married, have sex, have money, and die. The earth, too, is affected by its genetic coding, and scientists are learning how to alter that coding. The idea is that we will alter our own genes as well. By doing so, we could release ourselves from the control of genetic coding and merge with and heal the planet earth. (6/27/1986)

New Balance 990 White

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New Balance 990 White

Become a member of the Universal Christ party, neither Republican nor Democrat. True government is when the government rests upon the shoulders of the Christ (Universal). The government is of the people by the people and for the people and rests upon our shoulders. Program the Christ to work for the planet. Heat has caused the death of over 1000 people in this country. Jesus controlled the weather. We have a responsibility to our neighbor and to our country. How to? Deep within, state that the Universal Christ is bringing about perfect weather. (7/18/1980)

New Balance 990 White

New Balance 990 White

New Balance 990 White

Please note for MP3 Downloads: At the completion of the payment process you will be redirected to another web page. This page will include a link to download your MP3 file(s). You will also receive an email which contains the link. Your link will expire in 24 hours.

Jim speaks about finding divine love from the creator with in us. God is light, spirit and truth. We are all connected. We are not separate, so we must learn the importance of acceptance and unconditional love. When we become one with divine love we are actually worshipping God, using the light prayer to program the creator within us to experience divine love. Dwelling on our problems can hold us back. The desire of the ego wants us to New Balance 990 White keep an identity and not die a physical death, which would alter the identity consciousness into the divine consciousness, the need for us to seek divine love instead of seeking for love outside of self. (Date unknown)

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