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New Balance 373 Mens Blue

New Balance 373 Mens Blue

´╗┐jobs plan and Northern Nevada

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How it works

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"I think they did a really good job in taking a look at the area's assets and developing a plan to capitalize on those assets," said Steve Hill, the state's economic director.

The second leg retain includes helping existing businesses with local government issues, advocating for improvements to the business environment here, visiting them to strengthen relationships with other local companies and simply helping them stay here.

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7,500 new jobs here


It must prove successes or risk getting turned down for future funding requests.

Starting with the fiscal year beginning July 1, EDAWN has set a target of 1,800 new jobs for the first year, 2,000 for the second and 2,200 for the third.

"If you consider that primary jobs create secondary jobs, then depending on the estimates we use, somewhere between 0.8 and 1 additional jobs will be created for each primary job," said EDAWN's Mike Kazmierski.

The first leg attract includes a specific marketing plan to highlight the region's competitive advantages (such as lower costs) and visiting the people who select new sites for companies in order to get them to look at the Reno area as a place to do business.

"We're going to have to do a lot more to get numbers like that," he said.

EDAWN has a complex strategic plan to encourage job creation here that rests on three legs: attract, retain and grow.

"This means between New Balance Usa 990 Heritage Shoes

These entities submitted proposals to the governor on how they would help create new jobs.

That said, after a recession, job growth comes back naturally. The economic consulting firm Moody's Analytics projects Nevada is basically tied for first with Texas for states expected to have the best job growth through the first quarter of 2016. It forecasts both to have 2.9 percent more jobs each year.

New Balance 373 Mens Blue

New Balance 373 Mens Blue

The third leg grow includes helping companies in the startup phase to get them the resources they need to grow here. "If we don't do well, they will have to go somewhere else to grow and then New Balance 996 Blacked-out

EDAWN also targets companies in specific sectors to help the region diversify economically, seeks jobs that meet salary thresholds and tries New Balance 574 Black Red

to lure corporate headquarters to relocate here. It's important work, and the governor's challenge has the opportunity to push them to greater results.

five and six thousand secondary jobs such as real estate, construction and retail. That puts us over 10,000, and we figure we're likely to lose some jobs as well so that should put us up over 7,500 by 2015 if we can mitigate our job losses."

New Balance 373 Mens Blue

New Balance 373 Mens Blue

The other is a little more cynical as it considers the possibility of credit being taken for something that would've happened anyway.

Saying you're going to create jobs is easy. Doing it, not so much.

New Balance 373 Mens Blue

The goal won't be easy. Kazmierski said EDAWN had announced an average of 840 new jobs related to its efforts over the past five years. Now it wants to average 2,000 new jobs over the next three years.

That's a total of 6,000 primary jobs, all of them considered "high quality" jobs with an average salary of $45,000 for the ones coming from outside the region.

if they do, it's New Balance 373 Mens Blue nearly impossible to get them to go back," Kazmierski said.

New Balance 373 Mens Blue

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