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Mr Arnold argued that the suspension should be extended for the protection of the public and to protect the reputation of New Balance 420 Trainers White the nursing profession while the investigation continues.

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in December, while she was again visiting her grandmother, he is alleged to have pushed her into a changing room toilet and exposed himself, before performing a sex act.

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The allegations, disputed by Cully, were not reported New Balance 420 Trainers Black

But lawyers appearing on behalf of Cully argued that the 12 month extension requested by the NMC was too long and that the whole process needed to be concluded as quickly as possible to minimise

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Granting the application for an extension to the suspension order, but limiting it to six months, the judge said: "It seems to me that these are serious allegations.

And, later that year, New Balance 996 Black Suede

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´╗┐Judge adds six months to 'sex pest' nurse's ban From Richmond and Twickenham Times

to police and he is not the subject of a criminal investigation relating to the alleged incidents.

the financial hardship he has suffered as a result of being barred from working as a nurse.

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He was later temporarily suspended from the nursing register effectively banning him from working in any other medical establishment pending final determination of the matter by the NMC.

Mr Arnold told the judge how Cully is facing allegations of "indecent, inappropriate and unprofessional" conduct in relation to the young woman.

On Monday, Piers Arnold, representing the NMC, convinced High Court judge, Mr Justice Gibbs, that an extension of the suspension order, which was due to expire at midnight tonight, was necessary

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After the allegations were made, a disciplinary hearing took place at the hospital and Cully was dismissed from his post.

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he was earning at the hospital.

A male nurse from Twickenham accused of sexually molesting a young female visitor to the hospital where he worked has been suspended from the nursing register for a further six months after a HighFather of two Carlex Raymond Cully, 51, of Hall Farm Drive, allegedly pulled his young victim into a boys' changing room at West Middlesex University Hospital, in Isleworth, and molested her.

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In May 2004, he allegedly approached the woman and told her he wanted to rub baby oil on her body, Mr Arnold told the judge.

"Whether or not they are proved is not for this court to decide, but a detailed complaint has been made by the alleged victim of the allegations and it is, no doubt, the duty of the NMC to.

"for the protection of the public".

He then allegedly offered her money for sex and gave her his telephone number on a piece of paper, Mr Arnold told the court.

Since his suspension, Cully has been working as a care assistant, on a considerably lesser wage than New Balance 996 Green Red

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