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New Balance 990 Usa Review

New Balance 990 Usa Review

"They're the Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor of Weatherfield," says Lawson, laughing.

This could pose a moral dilemma for Jim but, inside, New Balance 996 Red White Blue

They specialise in game, and have a bull that the kids can come and groom.

New Balance 990 Usa Review

He was inspired after touring the play Rain Man with Neil Morrissey for four months. "I can't tour any more as I'm not good at last orders, so the days end at 4am!" Lawson confesses. "I was absolutely knackered, and wanted to spend some time at home with Debbie."

"The atmosphere was different; we worked hard and played hard. We even had a Coronation Street cricket team, but there's not time for any of that now, as the pace is much quicker.

"It was a different animal in those days. People were huge stars the first big TV celebrities. It was very funny, because people had their own chairs (in the green room) and New Balance 990 Usa Review you had to be careful where you sat."

"We came in on a year's contract, but people got used to the new kids on the block very quickly because they (the McDonalds) felt different, and had some New Balance Shoes 574 Red

New Balance 990 Usa Review

That said, he does try and watch his on screen son Gregson every now and again: "He's a very dear old friend. I see him every week, but he can't keep up with my drinking!"

New Balance 990 Usa Review

Since his last appearance, Lawson's been on stage in Glasgow and Belfast, and continues to run the farm shop he opened in Prestbury, Cheshire, with his partner, Debbie, in 2010.

"I love playing Jim," says the 54 year old. "He's a man, warts and all. Coronation Street's always been a female driven show and I get that, but you've got to have some strong men and he's one of them."

The fiery couple, first introduced with their twin sons Steve and Andy back in 1989, have experienced countless ups and downs over the years.

New Balance 990 Usa Review

´╗┐Jim McDonald set for Coronation Street return From St Helens Star

As viewers already know, Peter (Chris Gascoyne) has been battling a drink addiction and now, wrongfully incarcerated and depressed, he's desperate to hit the bottle once again.

"Under it all, Liz will still love Jim and vice versa," notes Lawson, who played the former squaddie for 11 years before departing the soap in 2000. He's intermittently reappeared in the ensuing years, and never has trouble getting into character. "I know him too well," he says, shrugging.

"When I finish what I'm doing, I like to go for a beer, so I don't have time to watch the soaps at all, but Debbie watches all the time. She always Green New Balance 990

As usual, though, Jim's motivation is driven by his "monumental love" for his estranged wife Liz, played by Beverley Callard.

New Balance 990 Usa Review

Back then, there were only four channels on offer, so 20 million viewers tuning in to watch wasn't uncommon. There was also a permanent cast of 35 (it's almost double that now) and only two, as opposed to five, episodes a week.

Plus, having been brought up in County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland, he's always classed himself as "a country boy" at heart. "Our village in Cheshire didn't have anything like a farm shop, so we bought the premises and set it up."

"It's fabulous. I get to indulge my passion, as I'm very interested in countryside pursuits," says Lawson. "And I can combine that with my love of acting, because once you are an actor, you're always an actor."

New Balance 990 Usa Review

New Balance 990 Usa Review

"People tend to go home to learn their lines and there isn't the time for the drinking!"

amazing storylines. "

He'd been working on stage and screen for 15 years before Coronation Street bosses approached him in the late Eighties. Lawson turned them down initially, something he's since attributed to arrogance on his part.

tells me if Jim gets a mention."

"We (Liz and I) are very lucky with what we've had written for us over the years. Any actor will tell you it's very rare to get that. That's why other actors have wised up to how great it is to work on a soap," he explains.

He admits he hasn't kept up with what's been going on in Weatherfield in the time he's been away.

It was Jim's desire to give Liz enough money to buy the Rovers Return back in 2011 that led him to rob a bank, the reason he's now serving a jail sentence for armed robbery.

"There used to be a time when actors wouldn't consider a soap; I was one of those actors, back in the day, but all that has changed."

he says, "those things really go out the window", and "if Peter wants the booze and is willing to trade, then Jim will supply it, whatever the situation".

The storyline doesn't see Jim actually return to the cobbles, however, but focuses on his life behind bars. That said, the prison set's been built above the Roy's Rolls set, "so it does feel like I'm on the street", the actor notes.

So, will Jim be back for good once he's released from prison? Lawson sounds optimistic: "If the writing's there and the characters that connect him to the street are there, then absolutely."

He might not have been a fan of the show when he joined, but he was aware of its popularity.

New Balance 990 Usa Review

New Balance 990 Usa Review

He considers himself "very lucky" that he and Callard joined at the same time.

New Balance 990 Usa Review

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