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Stafford's total of claimants however rose by a dozen to 1,510 (1.8 per cent).

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The rate has taken on new significance because it is tied to the Bank of England governor Mark Carney's new forward guidance policy.

In Wolverhampton, which has the highest unemployment rate in the region, the claimant count fell by 230 to 11,770, or 7.4 per cent of the city's working population.

Shame this isn happening in Sandwell where the dangerous decisions taken by a dangerous council leadership keep resulting in job losses: the public, the massive waste of public money in the exiting of the Transform Sandwell contract. This is going to lose many many jobs out New Balance Classic 574

of the area. But hey, we getting an ice rink as the leader of the council says these are the type of jobs people from sandwell can do. Aim low darren, that way your voters won know anything different and keep supporting you. Keep up the good work betrayer to the working class people you pretend to represent.

Spot on. Whilst New Balance 373 Mens on these dead end schemes they are not classed as unemployed, despite having to I seen how the system works from this inside, it nothing but a private, corporate numbers game pandering to the desperation of a failing administration. You also got seasonal, summer work. Politicians do the same in Spring. they say the job market is booming when in reality all they doing is kicking people onto schemes so they can treat them like dirt and inferring seasonal workers are representative of the job market in general. If all this isn bad enough you have zero hour contracts, stagnating salaries and sky rocketing living costs to contend with. This damn coalition has destroyed far more than it has ever or will ever, create. That was the intention all along.

full time job has surged to 1.45 million the highest since records began in 1992. It has doubled over the past five years, the ONS said.

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The Bank has said it will not consider raising rates from their record low until the unemployment rate falls to 7% which it forecasts will take around three years barring a spike in inflation.

Your opinion is contradicted by almost every published statistic. The number of people in employment rose by 80,000 in the last quarter. The number of people in employment is now 240,000 greater than when the crisis started in 2008. The private sector has been creating jobs constantly for nearly two years and erratically for nearly four years. GDP the wealth we create each year is steadily increasing. You could argue that there is still a big problem with youth unemployment and that many jobs are part time or retained by pensioners, but you can argue that the numbers are fiddled. It simply isn so.

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Cannock Chase was down 88 to 1,800 (2.8 per cent), Lichfield 36 to 1,101 (1.8 per cent) and South Staffordshire 43 to 1,497 (2.2 per cent).

At 9.8 per cent, the West Midland's unemployment rate is way above the national average of 7.7 per cent.

The number of people claiming jobseeker's allowance also fell by 32,600 from July to August to 1.4 million, said the Office for National Statistics. Figures for unemployment and jobseeker's allowance claimants differ because not everyone classed as unemployed is eligible to claim.

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As the son of a single parent who has been unable to work for New Balance 1400 Dark Royal For Sale

But the West Midlands remains the second worst affected area for unemployment in the UK, with 267,000 of the region's adults out of work down by 5,000.

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New Balance 373 Mens

In Walsall the fall was 128 to 9,213, or 5.5 per cent; Dudley was down 169 to 9,414 (4.9 per cent) and Sandwell 408 to 12,339 (6.3 per cent).

Meanwhile the number of people working part time because they cannot find a New Balance Revlite 996 Review

the majority of their adult life as a result of illness, might I suggest your view is tempered somewhat? I have seen first hand the true positives of a welfare system. There was no cushy luxury, just a chance to survive in comfort rather than having to work with crippling illness merely to survive.

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Asking those can work to work is undoubtedly fair enough; forcing those who cannot work into a position whereby they must is not okay no matter which way you approach it. That, sadly, is the sad fact that is facing many throughout the country.

The tend of a fall was also seen in Wyre Forest with numbers down 47 to 2,072 (3.5 per cent)

The expected decline underlines recent reports suggesting more people are finding work amid a gradual recovery in the UK's economy.

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New Balance 373 Mens

´╗┐Jobless figure falls across region Express Star

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