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who come to Canada, chasing opportunity, looking for a better life and I don think there any greater example than that, humbly speaking, than myself, said Reid. came to Canada in 1988, we really had nothing. . I hoping I'm a reflection of sorts for a lot of young Canadians out there like myself.

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only rapping I going to be doing is Christmas presents next year, joked Reid, no chance of me rapping. I never had the chance to work with Classified in the past. We crossed paths several times throughout the years but never really had any time to spend with each other, New Balance 996 Uk 9

SHOULD WIN: Arcade Fire Reflektor after the band got David Bowie to sing backup on the title track of their latest album, which is no easy feat. But the reclusive rocker is a major AC fan.

New Balance 574 Green Blue

what I hear the cameras are actually shooting (up) from the New Balance 574 Fresh Foam Grey

Single of the Year:

New Balance 574 Green Blue

´╗┐Johnny Reid excited for Junos co

Michael Bubl It a Beautiful Day

JUNO Fan Choice:

New Balance 574 Green Blue

in between records as you know, said Reid. just came off the big Christmas tour and the big Christmas record, it was a wonderful time and really successful. I was not anticipating partaking in the Junos this year. I was actually looking forward to having a wee bit of down time. So I don really have any records or any singles or anything to be pushing per se. I imagine what I bringing to the table, is a tiny wee bit of international flair. Needless to say, it may be the first time in Juno history where they need subtitles. Just as long as there a bottle of whiskey backstage, you know what I mean, we be in good shape. does, however, think of himself as a immigrant success story in Canada and says his presence as co host on the Juno stage best demonstrates that.

Tegan and Sara, Closer

New Balance 574 Green Blue

Here are my picks in the remaining six Juno awards to be handed out during Sunday night broadcast on CTV:

The big question about Johnny Reid co hosting Sunday night Juno awards at Winnipeg MTS Centre: Will the Scottish born, Canadian raised country soul singer be wearing a kilt on stage?

(floor) so the thing with me is I don want to scare children.

New Balance 574 Green Blue

New Balance 574 Green Blue

get to know each other, so that going to be exciting just to sort of sit down with him and meet somebody different. I worked with Serena in the past. I really like Serena, everything about her, her songs, she had a wonderful year. I just looking forward to it and I just humbled and looking forward to sort of standing on stage and being part of Canada big music night. since the three time Juno winner is only up for one award this year adult contemporary album for This Christmas Gift to You.

Classified, Inner Ninja

band Arcade Fire, who asked fans to dress up in costume and formal attire for their live shows, creating a carnival like atmosphere and then delivered a whopper of a concert.

New Balance 574 Green Blue

SHOULD WIN: Montreal New Balance 420 Purple

New Balance 574 Green Blue

Serena Ryder

Arcade Fire, Reflektor

no chance, said Reid, 39, down the line from his Franklin, Tenn., home that he shares with his New Balance 574 Green Blue wife and four children.

Walk Off the Earth

WILL WIN: The much maligned Biebs, as his Beliebers have mucho power online.

New Balance 574 Green Blue

Serena Ryder, What I Wouldn Do

Arcade FireC DionMichael Bubl Thicke

New Balance 574 Green Blue

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