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´╗┐Join the Listserv Montford Neighborhood

Posts should relate to Montford and Asheville. While Montford is part of the solar system, it a good idea to keep your messages about somewhat more local topics. While people who live outside of Montford are welcome to join and post, if you don live or work in Montford you may not use this list to advocate or promote a particular cause or issue. In other words, while this is an open, welcoming list, it is first and foremost a list by and for neighbors.

We'd like this to be a fun and useful place in cyberspace and have created a few rules to manage the process:

Anyone who collects or harvests list members email addresses for spamming, sending advertisements or any New Balance 574 Mens Black

other purpose, or who is a spammer, will be banned from the list. These rules are aimed at promoting a list that is friendly but focused, flexible but not a free for all. The moderators will make whatever exceptions they find necessary or helpful to meet the needs of individual neighbors or to serve the overall needs of New Balance 574 Womens Black

Posting occasional announcements is okay, but they should relate to Montford or the vicinity, and should not be part of a mass emailing. Generally speaking, the Montford email list is not a bulletin board. This is a neighborhood discussion list.

New Balance 574 Usa Sale

Posting someone home address or phone number or posting private or personal correspondence without their permission is not allowed.

New Balance 574 Usa Sale

New Balance 574 Usa Sale

The Montford listserv is a neighborhood discussion list. This is a place where you can exchange news about the neighborhood, including new stores, street construction, development, city services, robberies and break ins, traffic, parking, stuff for sale, places for rent, where to eat, where to get a great plumber, schools, and more.

New Balance 574 Usa Sale

New Balance 574 Usa Sale

Please don post a message in all capital letters.

Personal attacks, ridicule, harsh or uncivil language or profanity are not allowed on the Montford email list. No questioning somebody motives for making a post. The list is not the place to air a personal grievance against your neighbors. Any post that is intended to inflame (also called is not permitted. In other words, keep a neighborly tone.

No cross posts: Messages should be written specifically for the Montford email list. (Exceptions are made for messages of an urgent nature, which affect the health or safety of neighbors.)

New Balance 574 Usa Sale

New Balance 574 Usa Sale

New Balance 574 Usa Sale

messages from the same person over a short period of time or on the same subject ( are a form of clutter. Single issue posting only on one subject over and over again isn permitted because this list should not be used as anyone personal soapbox. Before posting, please consider whether the message is of interest to the general list reader or is better suited to a limited distribution list (example: meeting minutes should go only to those present at the meeting and do not belong on the Montford Email List). Please don use the list as a reference library. It okay to ask if somebody knows where to get the best espresso in the neighborhood; asking for an espresso recipe is something best done through Google. When answering somebody question, it a good idea to actually provide an answer: Don say, a video repair shop on Montford Avenue near the coffee shop, but I don remember the shop name. Please refrain from too or agree posts that don add new information.

Questions? Please read the instructions/rules below.

Spam of any kind is prohibited on the Montford email list. This includes long signature lines that double as advertising or sloganeering, and advertising disguised as messages. Spammers, anonymous posters, and others who are disruptive to the list may have their posts moderated or be banned from the list.

Neighbors are welcome to advertise yard sales, cars for sale and other personal items now and then. The Montford email list may not be used for commercial advertising or to sell something that you are in the business of selling. For example, it okay to offer your beach house for rent, but if you are in the business of renting beach houses, that not allowed on the list. It fine for teenagers, college students and others who are not full time professionals to offer their tutoring, yard work, babysitting or other part time services. It is also okay for a business person or professional to introduce themselves to the list and say what they do for a living, as long as the message doesn come across as an advertisement.

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Please sign your messages. It helps people decide whether or not you should be added or removed from their wills. It also gives your posts more credibility. And New Balance 574 Usa Sale it a list requirement: anonymous posts are not permitted. (If your email address shows your real name, that sufficient.) You do not need to post your address, phone number or other personal information.

Post reasonably and responsibly. That means don feel obligated to reply to every message that moves you. Too many New Balance 420 Womens Maroon

New Balance 574 Usa Sale

Don send virus warnings to the list. The Internet is full of virus hoaxes, and hoaxers like to perpetuate these pranks. Because attachments (and forwarded messages) are removed before messages are sent to list members, computer viruses cannot be spread through the Montford email list.

Snip, snip, snip: Before replying to a post, cut out any parts of the original message that aren relevant to your reply. In other words, you shouldn include the entire original message in your reply. This is particularly helpful to people who subscribe to the list digest because they see all the replies to the replies in a single message.

the group. By default, replies go to the sender.

New Balance 574 Usa Sale

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