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New Balance 990v4 Release Date

I scoured the web, and noticed a few trends that tended to move in opposite directions from each other: it basically a matter of luxury vs. ecology. Alas, neither direction resulted in any revolutionary, let alone attractive, design innovations.

Boxy, but not so good? The Volvo Golf Cart costs $900 more than the Segway, though you get a 2 more wheels and a a single seat. Surprisingly, considering the company commitment to safety, Volvo electric vehicle offers no roll cage protection, so like the Segway, you probably want to wear a helmet while driving it. Another minus: the absence of a windshield will make you think twice before smiling on days when flying insects abound.

As a forensic architect, I always fascinated with companion disciplines like industrial design. And since golf carts often play a role in the golf course incidences I investigate, I like to stay ahead of the curve by finding out if there are any innovations or design changes that might result in safer golf carts. Conversely, if form trumps function in future designs, resulting in less safe golf carts, I want to know about that, too, so I can advise my clients and help prevent unnecessary accidents on the course.

New Balance 990v4 Release Date

New Balance 990v4 Release Date

If you like the idea of a solar powered cart, but prefer something with a more traditional look, Hammacher Schlemmer offers a Solar Powerd Golf Cart with an array of 72 photovoltaic cells that offer a range of 50 miles without a charge, which is 33% further than standard electric golf carts. Ecology has its price, however in this case, a whopping $9,000.00

No New Balance 990v4 Release Date matter what your style or budget, you can find the golf cart that right for you. Whatever cart you choose, please drive safely and responsibly to ensure you play many rounds to come.

Of the newer designs I found, few were truly distinctive. The most radical departure in design also used the most radical energy source: the WIOFuel Cell Golf Cart. The simple, unified design looks more like a lunar explorer than a golf cart. However, the wide wheel base and possibly lower center of gravity looks appealing from a safety standpoint. I curious as to whether the sloped windscreen functions efficiently, since there is a large open area below it. This cart definitely trends toward the ecological extreme: it is New Balance White 420

New Balance 990v4 Release Date

New Balance 990v4 Release Date

limited edition Garia Soleil de Minuit, which retails for around $52,000, fully loaded. Its drive train is built by the same Italian company that produces Ducati gearboxes, and the aluminum profiles in the frame are made by the supplier to Aston Martin, Jaguar and Volvo. The Garia Edition Soleil de Minuit features double wishbone front suspension, carbon fiber roof, custom paint color, two tone hand stitched luxury seats, a heated, laminated windshield, and an on board refrigerator. Greens butler not included.

New Balance 990v4 Release Date

Compare the Solar Golf Cart with the Segway X2 Golf, which features 2 less wheels for $7800.00 The X2 Golf features higher ground clearance to navigate the irregularities of a golf course. Additional golf specific accessories include a golf bag carrier attachment and a scorecard, tee and ball holder. Segway also believes their vehicle offers golfers an advantage over traditional carts: since you stand as you ride, you can view the course from a higher perspective so you can survey the various breaks and dips that golfers seated in carts may not see. The downside the greens marshall will probably require you to wear a helmet while riding the Segway on the course.

´╗┐Johnstone Architecture

constructed entrirely of vegetable composites and emits zero pollutants. It remains to be seen whether the experimental and controversial hydrogen fuel cell technology that powers this vehicle will be be embraced, which may well determine whether or not we ever see the WIO tooling down the fairway.

If your idea of luxury includes rugged good looks, then the Hummer golf cart is for you. The sturdy HUMMER H3 Estate/Golf Cart rests on an all aluminum I beam chassis, and boasts the roomiest seating area and the most legroom heck, you can probably add a pool table in the back to keep your party entertained while waiting for the slow pokes in front of you to clear the next tee. Standard safety enhancements the is outfitted with working headlights, brake lights, turn signal lights, a working horn, reverse warning buzzer and a standard 4 wheel braking system. This stylish yet imposing golf warror cost a mere $15,000 or so, depending on options.

in Yamaha new methane powered golf cart. Fortunately for duffers who prefer the smell of freshly mown grass, this vehicle is still in the experimental stage.

All that armor may not be necessary if you show up New Balance 420 Black & Pink Trainers

I saved the truly bizarre for last. If the Hummer doesn provide adequate security because you headed out for a quick nine at a sniper infested course on the border of Pakistan and Shoot to killistan, you want to esconce yourself in the MetalTech Anti Terrorist Assault Cart or ATAC. This bullet proof bunker on wheels combines luxury (what isn luxurious about a $45,000 price tag?), with the ultimate in anti terrorist technology. Though it is purported to withstand grenade attacks, this mini Sherman tank can save you as you emerge to face possible IEDs on the fairway. For that, you probably want to suit up like the guy in Hurt Locker a little constrictive for a tricky chip shot, but that the price of protection.

New Balance 990v4 Release Date

New Balance 990v4 Release Date

While the price of ecology may be high, the price of unbridled luxury can go even higher.

New Balance 990v4 Release Date

If you require a stylish ride befitting your new set of Honma All Star Clubs, then it only makes sense to spring for the most expensive production luxury golf cart available: the New Balance 420 Mens Blue

There are a few other eco friendly carts worth mentioning. The manufacturer claims that their vehicle performance makes it well suited for the golf course, as well as campuses, resorts and planned communities. The design is a bit elemental, with rounded edges and bright colors more resembling a child molded plastic play vehicle than an actual golf cart.

New Balance 990v4 Release Date

New Balance 990v4 Release Date

New Balance 990v4 Release Date

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