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New Balance Khaki 996

Every once in a while, enthusiasm jostles your life. There's the gentle version from seeing bean seeds poke leafy heads through the garden soil. But the intense kind, when the one and only goal wins the game, can rock your week.

they scurried over the cobbles, filling the night's essentials into oversize, waterproof New Balance 420 Trainers Black

That's what happened 10 days ago when I met a group of young people packing up their canoeing gear on the beach. They were preparing for another day of paddling on New Balance 410 Red

New Balance Khaki 996

New Balance Khaki 996

Embracing nature is important. Tiny or immense monitors can interpret our lives, but the best knowledge is from the free, outdoor widescreen. That's where the real joy resides. Just ask any passing voyageur, or for that matter, any happy canoe dog.

Lake Superior and their excitement was obvious. They were on a 7,000 kilometre journey.

New Balance Khaki 996

New Balance Khaki 996

"We made three crossings the other day," he said, looking to the lake. "The wind kept us aware, kept us on our toes. How we go? The lake decides."

´╗┐Joy is not to be stumbled upon

The group had left Sault Ste. Marie a couple of days earlier with enough food for 16 days, enough they figured to make it to Marathon, on Superior's north shore. On May 11, the group was between Mattawa and Deep River, Ont. Each member of the group has a unique reason for attempting the journey. Some of their rationale has common ground, but all share a concern for the future of water environments.

Their four boats are large. Three green Prospectors and a 17.5 foot grey Mistral have ample space for tents, packs and two paddlers each. As New Balance 996 Deconstructed Women's

True, but at the same time, Lake Superior is teaching them how to decide.

New Balance Khaki 996

packs, they were diligent about cleaning up their campsite. No trace the fire pit and replace sitting logs at random, as found. Secure the guitar in the stern. Check beach for unclaimed items and then haul heavy packs on a strong back over to the waiting canoes. The overseer co ordinating their tasks was none other than their own initiative. The last item one of them grabbed was an New Balance Khaki 996 oversize plastic food tray, their trusty cutting board. And all the while Yebo, named from a Botswana expression used by the youth there to greet each other, kept an eye on the toing and froing.

The presence of the dog adds an extra element of glee. He is their mascot, their link to home perhaps. One of the mandatory conditions for Yebo's inclusion on the trip was an ability to listen. Jumpy canines make for tippy canoes.

New Balance Khaki 996

New Balance Khaki 996

They must learn how to follow the signs and, like Yebo, how to listen. As I watched them paddle in the rise and fall of the waves, the guitar resembling a third passenger, their joie was infectious. There was a smile, a wave, and as they rounded the point, I remembered something easy to forget in these cool, wet windy days.

Just before they pushed off for the next line of coast, the group posed for a photo. All smiles, with wide brimmed hats or toques, hiking boots and windbreakers, they were eager to see what was around the next point. Red or orange life vests splashed up the scene. Even Yebo had his own bright yellow life preserver.

New Balance Khaki 996

New Balance Khaki 996

New Balance Khaki 996

On Lake Superior, being able to keep an ear to the bedrock is as important as training an eye to the horizon. These skills are becoming uppermost in the minds of the group as they move forward. Alex spoke of some of what the lake had showed them so far.

New Balance Khaki 996

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