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marriages between children of the Orange Lodge loyalists and dyed in the wooln Irish Roman Catholics.

Many spread out to live in places such as St Helens, and the wave continues.

Smithy Brow and Sutton. Many dropped the Mac or O New Balance 420 Womens Burgundy

Many hundreds of young people in the region have well known Irish names, such as Kieran, Liam, Siobhan and Tara, passed down through several generations. But they know little of the origins of

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New Balance Shoes 996

Irish or of Irish descent then quickly book a ticket to ride!

these names, nor of the history of their forebears who were often among the early pioneer emigrants to this country.

Now, the project leader, Margaret Coen says: "If you, your New Balance Shoes 996 parents of grandparents were originally from Ireland, or if you have any memories, photographs or records of your Irish origins the CRAIC

Living legend, Sister Kathleen Duffy, formerly of Providence Hospital, still reminiscences about coming to town as a young nurse and remaining here.

overcome by gas.

Charisma, stationed at Clinkham Wood, is now casting its net throughout St Helens area to document the stories and memories of Irish folk who came to the region between 1930 and 1960. The migrants

She used to treat injured Saints players after they had fallen foul of a reckless 'Sister Duffy pass', a tackle which caused them to end up in her brisk and capable hands in the accident andThe famous St Helens benefactor, David Gamble, thrice Mayor until his death in 1907, and his father, Josias Gamble, were both Irishmen.

At first resented for their "dirty, uncivilised behaviour", they gathered in ghettos at Gerards Bridge, Greenbank, Parr, New Balance 420 Grey Burgundy

Amazingly, the potato was found to suppy nearly all the nutrients needed for health. And Irishmen were generally taller and stronger than their then English labourer counterparts on their diet of

bread and cheese.

Most of the initial outcome were labourers and ditch diggers, fleeing the famine which ripped through Ireland in the mid 1840s. They were big strapping men who had existed almost entirely on

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IF you've a trace of the 'Emerald Isle' in you and about a quarter of people listed in the local phone directory are New Balance 996 Uk 9

The coach sets off on Saturday, April 12. But, be warned. It is essential to book your coach seat by ringing Charisma Community Projects on St Helens 605435 or 29482.

Providence Hospital, still reminiscences about coming to town as a young nurse and remaining here.

But there are only 36 places available, despite the immense tidal wave of Irish who had flooded St Helens, the foundation stones of one of the largest ethnic communities on Merseyside.

But the earliest navvies and labourers were also reinforced by a wave of dedicated Irish people, from priests and doctors to nurses and nuns. Living legend, Sister Kathleen Duffy, formerly of

´╗┐Join up for Irish shindig

New Balance Shoes 996

Those employed in the deadly chemical world had short lives, entering a chamber filled with chlorine for days, to shovel out powder. Goggled and smeared with protective tallow, they often fainted,

eating potatoes no meat with milk and salt, or maybe fish if they lived by the sea.

grandson of) which marked them as Irish. Today around 25 per cent of names in the local telephone directory denote people of Irish origin.

The average Irish adult scoffed between 12 and 14lbs of spuds a day, equal to 2 supermarket bags full.

New Balance Shoes 996

New Balance Shoes 996

New Balance Shoes 996

New Balance Shoes 996

New Balance Shoes 996

Unlike previous studies, the project's new and popular approach promotes the celebration of Irish roots, through story telling, music and dance. Themes include memories of romance and opposed

set up their own Irish zones, especially the Greenbank (with its famous kerb thick sandwiches!) and continued to thrive and grow.

New Balance Shoes 996

prefixes (son of or

For the CRAIC project of St Helens is staging an Irish heritage trail around Liverpool, headed up by Professor Ian McKeane of the city university's institute of Irish studies.

New Balance Shoes 996

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