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Under the law that was in effect, the Crown was able to convince the original and retrial juries that since Moore was in the company of the murderers earlier in the day he "ought to have known" a robbery was going to take place and the possible consequences.

However, she said someone suffering from dementia cannot draw a clock nor pick out specified letters in a list.

Those taking the test will be allowed five minutes to complete each segment.

She said she has been speaking to individuals at the Record Suspension office (old pardons board) to ascertain what would be needed for John specifically.

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As Diane Gauthier, a driver improvement counsellor with the ministry, told me after I completed the test for the second time this week, some drivers suffering from dementia can pass the present tests by relying on their long term memory.

There might be less stress for those who suffer from that kind of thing, but I think about five minutes into an educational session run by Gauthier any stress anyone would have felt would have been long gone.

"I am innocent and no matter what people say or think, that will never change. Pardons just say you are sorry for what you have done. But I never committed the murder of Donald Lanthier, nor was I responsible for his death. Whatever Gordon Stevens and Robert Hogan (the actual murderers) did, they did of their own volition."

´╗┐John Moore fights for justice

that it will New Balance 574 Us Price

The in class screening exercises involve the drawing of a clock complete with numbers and the time set at 11:10 and the elimination of the letter H from a line of letters.

Involved in the project locally is Prof. Myles McLellan of the Department of Law and Politics at Algoma University.

"I can tell you that at this point Innocence Ottawa is moving forward with an application for a pardon under s748," he told me. "All indications are New Balance 574 Fresh Foam Suede

In somewhat of a strange twist, Innocence Ottawa is going after something New Balance 574 Blue And Brown

And that is the reason it is changing its testing methods.

However, Moore said anything Innocence Ottawa wants to do on his behalf it does with his blessing and he had filled out an application to that effect.

In regard to licences being renewed New Balance 990 Grey much faster, as Sergio suggests, I think that's a bit of a stretch.

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She actually seems to make it fun for others by seemingly enjoying it so much herself.

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Innocence Ottawa, formerly known as the Innocence Project/Projet Innocence, has formally accepted the case of John Moore and will begin work on seeking a pardon for him.

"Starting April 21, 2014, drivers aged 80 and over will no longer have to complete a written knowledge test," the ministry's website says. "Instead, they will participate in a shorter, simpler renewal program that includes a vision test, a driver record review, an improved in class group education session and two short, in class screening exercises.

Mario Sergio, minister responsible for seniors affairs, is quoted as saying, "Ontario's senior driver programs will help senior drivers who are fit to drive, and pose no risk, renew their licences faster and with less stress."

Moore believes will be impossible to get.

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Moore should not have to live under parole conditions for the rest of his life because of a flawed law.

be for a "free" pardon which, if successful, will exonerate John."

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Moore was convicted under a law that essentially said people should be able to foresee possible consequences. It was declared unconstitutional in another case in 1987 so that no one could be convicted under it today.

She said a bake sale was to be held to raise funds for the "Justice for John Moore" campaign and other fund raising efforts would start soon.

Innocence Ottawa operates within the Department of Criminology at the University of Ottawa and its director, Dr. Kathryn Campbell, said the students there "want to help John obtain a pardon."

I can't see how the changes will help seniors stay on the roads safely but undoubtedly it will better flag those who shouldn't be driving.

Moore, who served 10 years in prison for second degree murder in the death of cab driver Donald Lanthier during a robbery even though he was not at the scene of the crime, says he still intends to work toward complete exoneration.

THE MINISTRY OF Transportation no longer just wants to know if those of us over 80 can drive, it also wants to know if we can think.

"I will not give up my fight for a total exoneration," he said.

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"Ontario's senior driver programs aim to keep seniors driving for as long as they can safely do so," Minister of Transportation Glen R. Murray says on the website. "These changes will help seniors stay on the roads safely with a more streamlined renewal process, while also better flagging those who shouldn't be driving."

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