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The existence of the aircraft at Goodwin Sands became known when it was spotted by divers in 2008 at a depth of some 50ft lying on a chalk bed with a small debris field around it.

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The long process of lifting the plane from the barge involved it being continually sprayed with water to ensure the aluminium structure did not come into contact with air.

two low loader lorries. The journey would normally take six hours but bosses are allowing much longer because it is such a wide and delicate load.

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It was expected to arrive early this evening, and bosses at the attraction said members of the public would be able to view it from tomorrow morning.

exciting opportunity for visitors in the Midlands to get up close and personal to a unique piece of aviation history and the chance to view it in its salvaged state."

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The German plane, which was raised from the English Channel on Monday, left the port of Ramsgate to make its way to the RAF Cosford Museum near Wolverhampton at 6am today.

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Green New Balance 990

Green New Balance 990

It was one of seven aircraft which were carrying 16 112lb bombs which it had been due to drop on the airfields in Medway, Kent.

One will house the fuselage while the other will house the wings of the plane, which had a 59ft wingspan and measured 52ft in length.

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´╗┐Journey's end at last for salvaged Dornier Express Star

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Both engines were hit, as was the cockpit, and the pilot, Flight Sergeant Willi Effmert, was forced to make an emergency landing. The plane landed upside down Green New Balance 990 in the sea.

Alex Medhurst, general manager at RAF Museum Cosford, said staff were very excited about the plane's arrival: "After all the hard work, planning and setbacks, it's great to know the Dornier is finally on its way to Cosford.

removed from the barge, the wings were removed from the plane and all the components were coated with a waterproof gel. The plane was part of a formation despatched to bomb the airfields around the coast of south east England when it was shot down in August 1940.

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Once the Dornier arrives in Cosford, where it will spend five years, it will be placed into purpose built hydration tunnels which are situated next to the conservation centre.

It sank to the bottom of the Channel after being shot down by RAF fighters during the Battle of Britain in August 1940.

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It had been hoped it would arrive at the Shropshire venue earlier in the week but fierce winds prevented the craft from being loaded up.

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Green New Balance 990

However, before reaching its targets, the plane became separated from the rest of the formation and lost its bearings. It was then attacked by a Wolverhampton built Boulton Paul Defiant from the RAF's 264 Squadron based in Hornchurch, Essex.

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