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New Balance 420 Black Grey

He met Christina on Airport Boulevard in Mobile 23 years ago, while she was visiting from Mississippi.

had three daughters together, and would have been married for 22 years in November of this year.

During their last trip together, to Cancun, Mexico, Johnston died while scuba diving. Despite that, the family plans to keep on traveling and honoring his memory.

Johnston called his wife and daughters "his four girls," Christina said, and they were to be the motivation for his success for many years.

New Balance 420 Black Grey

Throughout their New Balance 1300 Salmon Sole

"He bought his first Rolex, he bought me my diamond earrings, and he bought a Tiffany and Company wedding band," Christina said. "He was all proud of buying those. We just had a blast."

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New Balance 420 Black Grey

New Balance 420 Black Grey

New Balance 420 Black Grey

"He was very much a self made man," Christina said. "He wasn't given a thing."

New Balance 420 Black Grey

"He impacted our family a lot, because she (Christina) is so (concerned with) safety," Hayley said. "She thinks about stuff, she's reasonable, she analyzes stuff. She made him think about stuff and not be so 'motorcycles and daredevil,' where he brought out her risky and adventurous side."

"He was with his buddy and I was with my girlfriend I think his buddy had a really nice truck," she said with a laugh.

The Johnston family went on a whirlwind of traveling after that, going on several cruises and visiting Las Vegas, Atlantic City New Balance 420 Black Grey and Key West. One of those trips was particularly special for the couple they went to Las Vegas to celebrate 20 years of marriage.

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´╗┐Jody Plezant Johnston built a life New Balance 373 Blue White

Johnston started working odd jobs as a child, and at 12 years old he started paying bills to help his family make ends meet. He graduated high school in Citronelle and didn't go on to college, but his natural business savvy helped him build a life for himself.

New Balance 420 Black Grey

"Everything he worked for was for us, he would say," Christina remembered. "He could live in a tent somewhere. What he provided was for his girls."

New Balance 420 Black Grey

After a heart attack when he was 40 years old, Johnston became focused on living life to the fullest and getting his affairs in order to provide for his family in case of his death, his daughter said.

time together, Jody brought a spark of spontaneity to the relationship.

After he achieved success, Johnston always remembered where he had started. He acted as a father figure to his younger employees, Christina said, and even paid for rehab programs for those struggling with drug addiction.

New Balance 420 Black Grey

They dated for a year after that, and then married. They New Balance 373 Dark Grey

In later years, he became the owner of Cockrell's Body Shop and Plezant Properties, and more importantly, husband to Christina Johnston and father to daughters Hayley, Briley and Jodi Johnston.

for his family

"Over the last two years he tried so hard to travel and make memories and get his businesses in order," Hayley said.

"We both loved boating, traveling we were just absolutely best friends," Christina said.

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