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New Balance 1500 V2

New Balance 1500 V2

Mari Hulman George and Jim Nabors embrace as they give the traditional signal for teams to start their engines at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Sunday, May 25, 2014.

"After I sang New Balance 996 Green Label Relaxing

Sunday, as Nabors prepared to sing "Back Home Again In Indiana" for the last time at the race, he recalled his first.

The Star

'Back Home In Indiana' the first time, I became a Hoosier," he said.

He said he will miss singing at the race and he'll miss Indianapolis.

But, oh, how New Balance 1500 V2 that would change for Indianapolis 500 fans, who came to know Nabors as the deep voiced darling who sang for them the next 42 years.

"I'm trying real hard not to get emotional," he said. "Otherwise, I won't be able to sing. I'll just gargle it."

New Balance 1500 V2

Jim Nabors sang "(Back Home Again in) Indiana" for the last time at the Indianapolis 500 on May 28, 2014. He started singing this song in 1972 and "I never dreamed I be doing this 42 years later," he said.

Then, he sang for Indy and it all changed. People adored him.

Jim Nabors says goodbye

"Then what the hell am I singing," he said Sunday, with that sweet high pitched drawl.

New Balance 1500 V2

"I never dreamed I'd be doing this 42 years later," he said.

VICTORY LANE: Hunter Reay holds off Castroneves for Indy 500 win

From grand entrances by Colts quarterback Andrew Luck at Indianapolis Motor Speedway to emotional goodbyes by fan favorite Jim Nabors, Star reporters David Lindquist, Justin L. Mack, Jill Disis and Dana Hunsinger Benbow spent an afternoon finding the stories happening away from the checkered flag.

The experience struck him as awesome, the atmosphere, the vibe.

VIDEO: Reaction after Hunter Reay takes the checkered flag

New Balance 1500 V2

New Balance 1500 V2

New Balance 1500 V2

scratching themselves," he said. "They don't care who you are."

As he talked, he threw out "Golly" and gave that sweet smirk. But he also admitted he New Balance 574 Khaki

But, there's a time in life when you have to move on, he said, adding that he will turn 84 this year.

was trying not to cry.

´╗┐Jim Nabors says goodbye

New Balance 1500 V2

When told, he quickly started scribbling the words to "Back Home Again In Indiana" on the inside of his hand.

New Balance 1500 V2

"In Hollywood, I was used to being on a dirty old sound stage and the whole crew is just Green New Balance 574

It was 1972 and Jim Nabors was best known as television's goofy marine Gomer Pyle.

New Balance 1500 V2

New Balance 1500 V2

New Balance 1500 V2

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