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New Balance 574 Fresh Foam Black

New Balance 574 Fresh Foam Black

New Balance 574 Fresh Foam Black

´╗┐Judge certifies Class Action against Standard Homeopathic Co

New Balance 574 Fresh Foam Black

District Judge Dolly M. Gee certified a class action brought against Standard Homeopathic Co. and its subsidiary Hyland's, Inc. for "unfair and deceptive practices [that] have enriched them by tens of millions of dollars, at the expense of tens of thousands of Americans".

"Calms Forte did not work for Plaintiffs as advertised."No surprises here either, since:

New Balance 574 Fresh Foam Black

diluted remedies, there is a very low probability that even a single molecule of the original substance is present in the Product. For example, a level of 12C dilution is the equivalent to a pinch of salt in both the North and South Atlantic Oceans. They are also claiming false advertising since the packaging all said "natural", "all natural" or New Balance 996 Women Blue

New Balance 574 Fresh Foam Black

New Balance 574 Fresh Foam Black

New Balance 574 Fresh Foam Black

"Homeopathy seeks to stimulate the body's ability to heal itself by giving very small doses of highly diluted substances. However, there is "little evidence" that homeopathy is effective, much less that people understand homeopathic dilution principles. Under the "principle of similars" a disease can be cured by a substance that produces similar symptoms in healthy people. Thus, homeopathic drugs are intended to work by causing "aggravation," or a temporary worsening of symptoms initially, a fact that is not communicated to consumers. Under the 'principle of dilutions" the lower the dose New Balance 574 Fresh Foam Black of the medication, the greater its effectiveness. However, it is paradoxical that through dilution an ingredient would reach higher potency. Further, in highly New Balance 574 Classic Navy

It's interesting to read the case as it seem that the people filing the suit are actually SCAM (Supplements and Complementary and Alternative Medicine) users and not skeptics seeking to protect people from scams. The consistent use of the word "allopathy" is a give away, since it's a weasel word the inventor of homeopathy Hahnemann came up with to denigrate medicine at the same time he made up "homeopathy".

"Plaintiffs Xenos, Nigh, and Rodriguez purchased Calms Forte because they wanted a more natural alternative to traditional over the counter remedies for anxiety/stress. Plaintiffs relied upon various representations, taken together and in context, Defendants made on the Product's label, taken together and in context, such as the name of the Product itself, that it is "100% natural" and/or "natural," and that Calms Forte is effective in relieving symptoms related to sleeplessness or feelings ofCalms Forte is, however, not "100% natural" because it contains magnesium stearate, a synthetic chemical, that is often used as a flow aid or tablet lubricant. In addition, Calms Forte contains biochemical phosphates that are synthetically derived or chemically reduced, such as Calcarea phosphorica, for which the HPUS states "is contained in bones (80%), and extracted from them by dissolving in hydrochloric acid and precipitating with ammonium hydroxide."Not surprising given that homeopaths, by definition, is in the business of deceit.

New Balance 574 Fresh Foam Black

"The ingredients used in Calms Forte provide no health benefit. The FDA has stated that it is not New Balance Men's 3000 V3 Turf Baseball Trainers

New Balance 574 Fresh Foam Black

"100% natural" but the products also contained some bizarre "unnatural" ingredients:

New Balance 574 Fresh Foam Black

aware of any scientific evidence that homeopathic drugs are effective."

New Balance 574 Fresh Foam Black

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