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Senate or exploring a run for well New Balance 990v3 Usa over a year. He he has been tireless about meeting as many people he can in New Hampshire, flying off to do the same in Washington and pouring in hundreds of thousands of his own money into the effort.

´╗┐Jim Rubens has biggest day in his U

But nothing that he has done, not even his official announcement in September, was as big of a deal for him as what someone else in Massachusetts decided he would do today: endorse Rubens and spend up to $4 million on the effort.

For context, for the last year Rubens has only raised $588,000 and loaned his campaign another $500,000. Further, Brown has raised $2.6 million for his campaign though he is expected to raise much more and he has his own Super PACs to help his effort.

New Balance 990v3 Usa

New Balance 990v3 Usa

If Rubens New Balance 990 Vs 993

New Balance 990v3 Usa

Though after the announcement on Tuesday it appeared that New Balance 574 Grey Mens

Rubens was willing to sing their tune.

example, for much of the campaign Rubens has been stressing how his position is different from fellow Republican candidate Scott Brown on gun control.

New Balance 990v3 Usa

New Balance 990v3 Usa

This is not to suggest the endorsement doesn't have potential downsides for Rubens. The Super PAC is called Mayday PAC, and it has a mission to, ironically, end the role of money in politics. They may be running with a position that Rubens does agree with, but not prefer to stress as he tries to appeal to Republican base voters ahead of the Sept. 9 primary. For New Balance 1500 Blue

wants his campaign to be about something else, he cannot legally tell Mayday PAC what to do.

Between these two races, the Super PAC says they will spent $4 million. They group already has $12 million in the bank.

"Voters are fed up to their eye teeth with career politicians who go to Washington to collect campaign cash rather than solving the nations' problems and serving the people they represent," Rubens said.

Like those who win a McCarthy genius grant and just get a phone call one day with a boatload of cash and the encouragement to just keep going, Rubens read in the New York Times that a Super PAC started by a Harvard Law School professor had endorsed him and a Democratic congressional candidate in Iowa.

New Balance 990v3 Usa

New Balance 990v3 Usa

New Balance 990v3 Usa

New Balance 990v3 Usa

New Balance 990v3 Usa

New Balance 990v3 Usa

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