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New Balance Women's 1400

And from much later periods there was a bottle with a butter logo on it and even a yoghurt pot from the 1960s giving a full range of finds from the house's long history. The story of Stourbridge glass begins some 400 years ago when glassmakers, originally from Lorraine in North Eastern France, settled in the area.

New Balance Women's 1400

New Balance Women's 1400

The Red House Glass Cone, just up the road from the Ruskin centre, remains a familiar landmark on the skyline.

New Balance Women's 1400

Other items found include pieces of pottery believed to date from the Georgian period.

The other glass cone at the Ruskin site will be excavated at a second dig running from March New Balance Women's 1400 10 to 23.

feeling," she said.

The digs are taking place before the third phase of redevelopment work begins at the glass centre. New commercial workshops and a car park will also be created as part of the scheme.

Samples have been taken which will be studied by experts.

"The remains we have left mean we will be able to measure the diameter of the cone and piece together other valuable information about the structure.

New Balance Women's 1400

New Balance Women's 1400

Kate Page Smith, from Nexus Heritage which is carrying out the work, said it had been a 'very exciting find'.

New Balance Women's 1400

It is well known two glass cones once operated at the site, in Wollaston Road, which was once home to glass greats Webb Corbett and Royal Doulton.

Initially, glassmakers focused on things like window glass and bottles. Towards the end of the 17th century however Stourbridge glassmakers introduced table glass to their repertoire.

New Balance Women's 1400

The floor of the cone has now been unearthed and glass beads and droplets believed to be from the 1700s found.

"We are literally adding to the history of the site." She said the west side of the cone had been lost as the driveway of the house had been built over New Balance 574 Women Purple

New Balance Women's 1400

Between 1830 and the start of the First World War, New Balance 420 Green Grey

Archaeologists carried out the dig at the Ruskin Glass Centre, in Stourbridge, and they said they had been left 'surprised and elated' after making the historically important find.

"The cone collapsed in the late 1700s. We are the first people to walk on that floor since then which is an amazing New Balance 996 Tennis

New Balance Women's 1400

"However what we have seems to have been protected and lay beneath the grass in the back garden of the house."

´╗┐Joy over glass cone find at historic site in Stourbridge Express Star

Volunteers are still being asked to take part in the second dig.

New Balance Women's 1400


factories like Richardson's of Wordsley, Thomas Webb Sons of Amblecote and Stevens Williams of Brierley Hill introduced cut, etched and engraved glass, cameo work and rock crystal in exotic colours. Suddenly Stourbridge emerged as a centre of international importance.

New Balance Women's 1400

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