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New Balance 620 White

New Balance 620 White

Soon after, she made another move to her current position; which involves moving around the world on a regular basis. Elvy said she travels almost on a monthly basis for Algoma U. to countries like Japan, China, Bangladesh, India, Mexico, Korea and Qatar.

country that offers a similar program."

In the past year, Algoma University president Richard Myers has penned international agreements with universities in China and Korea.

"I talk to them about how there's 75,000 people in the Sault and in Asia that would be practically a village, but New Balance 996 Suede Blue

"Now, in Europe the selling point is much different. Mainly it deals with selling the Sault environment and lifestyle because Europeans don't need to go to a larger city like Vancouver or Toronto; they've got Vienna, Paris and Milan. The European students we're targeting are looking for the Canadian experience, whether that has to do with our geography, the natural environment or interaction with Canadians."

for many it's a refreshing size that offers a change of pace from the hectic way of living they're accustomed to," she said.

New Balance 620 White

"On a fundamental level, I believe it to be vital to be in touch with the cultures we are recruiting to our campus and our community, when it is at all possible. It puts a human face on what would or could otherwise be viewed, measured and valued as having quantitative significance; these are not just student numbers' but young people whose lives are about to change and I have become part of this process of change."

Elvy said once students realize the programming is similar to other universities, the challenge then becomes selling them on a small city in Northern Ontario they've never heard of. But, as it turns out, it's the population of the Sault that many international students find particularly attractive.

Elvy, a Kitchener native, is the first person from the university to travel abroad recruiting students on a full time basis. It all started back in 2002 when she was asked to help teach English to students from Bangladesh. "I arrived at Algoma in August of 2002 and two weeks later 33 students arrived from Bangladesh on a Greyhound bus needing English as a second language (ESL) training. International students were not new to Algoma, but this marked the first major intake of students. At that point I moved from being a sessional professor in the Fine Arts department to teaching ESL as well."

New Balance 620 White

This fall they? ve had students from Finland, France and the Ukraine. Elvy is hopeful the institutional partnerships will lead to larger numbers in the future. "The students themselves become the best ambassadors," she said. "Whether it's our students going to their institutions or theirs coming to ours. Once that begins then the relationship can start to develop and expand."

New Balance 620 White

However, thanks in part to Joanne Elvy spending the past near decade in planes, trains and automobiles, Algoma U.'s international clientele is growing.

New Balance 620 White

´╗┐Joanne Elvy travels the world

New Balance 620 White

Participating in a high school exchange program to Germany first turned her onto to travel and she hasn't stopped since.

Elvy, the director of international student outreach at Algoma University, is tasked with trying to convince students to come to the Sault. "Algoma University and Sault Ste. Marie are a blank page to many of the students I talk to," said Elvy, who's been in her current role since 2003. "I really stress to potential students the high standard of post secondary education in Canada. It's a big thing for many foreign students to hear that all of our universities are public institutions who are accountable to the government. That goes a long way New Balance 620 White with applicants abroad because I'll explain that the programming we have at Algoma would be the same at any other university across the New Balance 574 Black Blue White

Some might be hesitant to take on a job involving that much travel, but not Elvy.

New Balance 620 White

The change of lifestyle the Sault offers can also be helpful to the foreign students looking to learn English. "They don't really want to be in an environment where they're going to find a lot of people speaking their language," said Elvy. "For example, Vancouver is a really nice place where many of our international students go to visit, but they don't want to be hearing Japanese and Korean spoken on the streets all the time while they're trying to learn English."

New Balance 620 White

New Balance 620 White

Currently Algoma University has around (waiting on info.) international students from countries like Saudi Arabia, Japan, Korea, New Balance 410 Green

When thinking of ideal destinations for students travelling from China or Korea to attend school, Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma University might not always be at the top of the list.

Elvy said they've formed partnerships with schools in Austria, England, Finland, France, Germany, Spain and Ukraine. "Typically our school has gone to areas where there's a much larger population and students might have trouble accessing quality education," said Elvy.

New Balance 620 White

Algoma U. took another step last summer, when they started recruiting students in Europe for the first time.

Elvy said a typical recruitment trip involves education fairs with potential students and seminars with other schools where exchange agreements can be discussed.

China, Nigeria and Ghana.

New Balance 620 White

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