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That afternoon, Jane Daly, of the Irish Theatre Institute, New Balance 574 Pink And Grey

On Saturday 23 Mairead N Chroinin, co director of Moonfish Theatre Co, will lead a workshop on aural design, where participants will experiment with different approaches to aural design, through music, soundscape, sound effect, voice, and song.

New Balance 996 Gold

The events will run from August 20 to 23 inclusive in the Town Hall Theatre and na Mac L NUI Galway. It will include workshops in radio drama, music, and aural design; a headshot parlour; free talks on social media and writing successful applications to arts organisations; and an interactive theatre piece.

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Little John Nee will lead a workshop on music and theatre on Thursday evening. In this workshop, Little John, who won Best Sound Design at The Irish Times Theatre Awards 2013, will examine how to enhance the audience experience and a work narrative through musical and theatrical fusion.

FOLLOWING THE success of its artist mentoring programme, Volition, JOLT will present a new series of workshops and talks, aimed at the Galway arts community.

´╗┐JOLT new developmental workshops and talks

got selected, they gave us free rein to programme a week of events. We were given carte blanche as it is kind of a training aspect for us as well. JOLT Headshot Parlour, which opens the series of events, will take place on Wednesday 20. The Town Hall studio will be transformed into a full photography studio for the day where artists can avail of an industry standard headshot from a professional working photographer at a subsidised rate of Thursday 21 Tara McKevitt, winner of the 2010 RT PJ O Radio Drama Award, will lead a two part workshop on writing radio drama.

On Friday 22 and Saturday 23, JOLT will also present, Immersed In The Void, an interactive theatre event in the Town Hall Theatre at 5.30pm. This will be a meeting point of art forms, and will take place in both theatre and non theatre spaces. It will be created by an ensemble of New Balance Wr996hb

New Balance 996 Gold

New Balance 996 Gold

New Balance 996 Gold

New Balance 996 Gold

John is really good at creating memorable theatrical moments through music. O notes. workshop will benefit any budding musicians who want to find out how to use a theatre space or theatre makers who want to try a different format, Friday 22 two free talks will be led by theatre professionals in the Town Hall. Darragh Doyle and Sin McPhillips will lead a discussion on using social media, illustrating how to build an on line presence and how to promote work to maximum effect.

The August series is New Balance 996 Gold being organised by two new JOLT producers, Neasa O and F O who have created a programme of events which looks at the practicalities of working as an artist, as well exploring how artists can integrate and explore sound and music in their work.

New Balance 996 Gold

will speak on how to effectively pitch ideas, as well as revealing how to write successful applications to funding councils, agencies, and other organisations.

actors, working with local electronic duo Voids, and will investigate the innate connections between music and emotion.

New Balance 996 Gold

New Balance 996 Gold

last JOLT series was about emerging artists creating work, O tells me. next phase of JOLT was looking for new producers and they sent out a call inviting people to get in touch with them. Myself and Neasa applied and New Balance 996 Trainers Review

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