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other congressional representatives. Barbara Johnson was "on the first plane out" of China once airlines were flying to the United States.

Larissa Thune, who then was in middle school, managed to reach her parents by telephone on a day when phone lines were jammed across the country. She had two questions, Thune recalled: "Dad, are we safe? Dad, are we going to get the bad guys?"

Thune's wife, Kimberly, was in Washington. Johnson's wife, Barbara, was in China.

The attacks that day triggered two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Were they worth the effort?

he drove to work. And like millions of others, he at first assumed it was a terrible accident. That's when Johnson knew it was terrorism.

By the time they were evacuating, Johnson and New Balance 996 Purple Thune could see a plume of smoke rising from the Pentagon. Johnson had driven by the Pentagon on his way into work, but he chose a different route to go home.

get home several days after the attacks on a private plane they shared with New Balance 420 Trainers Womens

The Thunes managed to New Balance 1500 Green

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New Balance 996 Purple

"It was chaos," Johnson said. "Everybody was streaming out of the offices and parking garages."

Like millions of Americans, Johnson heard about the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks as Gold New Balance 996

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New Balance 996 Purple

´╗┐Johnson had an up

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Thune's legislative director, Jafar Karim, had a small apartment nearby. The staff crowded in there, and that would be Thune's Washington office for the next few days.

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Sen. Tim Johnson was on his way to the office. The radio was on, and there was something about a plane crashing into the World Trade Center.

Johnson, meanwhile, headed to a banking committee hearing. The chairman, Sen. Paul Sarbanes, wasn't going to let terrorists dictate his committee hearings, Johnson said. But then guards entered the room and told everyone to evacuate.

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The country hasn't faced a similar attack, Thune said, so on one level, they've been successful. The United States also has been successful at hunting down a lot of terrorists. But, the country can't afford to maintain 100,000 ground troops in Afghanistan, he said. At some point, troops will leave, and the United States will have to work with air power and special operations forces to keep terrorists from taking over.

"That was something from the Capitol where you could literally see it smoke," Thune said.

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In his office, then Rep. John Thune and his staff watched the television. Everybody was uneasy because they didn't know what was happening. Then they were ordered to evacuate.

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For Johnson, hindsight is 20 20. One major reason for invading Iraq was to stop its weapons of mass destruction program, but that reason was "unsubstantiated."

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As the full scope of what had happened set in for Johnson, he thought of his son, Brooks, who was serving in the Army. Johnson figured there was a good chance the day's developments would put his son in harm's way. He was right: Brooks eventually served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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