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New Balance 574 Fashion Black

New Balance 574 Fashion Black

´╗┐Johnson a prisoner of the past

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William Mullins Johnson is known as Bill to friends, of which he has few.

Dr. Smith's victims returned to the headlines last week after Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty announced Attorney General Chris Bentley would release details of a compensation package "very, very shortly."

largely live the way I lived when I was inside: isolated, untrusting and largely alcohol free," he said in a recent interview. "I don't go out. I don't go to bars. They're too unpredictable for me. . . . I never know if some punk is going to come up to me and I'd have to throw him through the window."

In October 2008, Justice Stephen Goudge released a 1,000 page report that slammed Smith, along with Ontario's former chief coroner and his deputy, for their roles in wrongful prosecutions and asked the province to consider compensating some 40 innocent people once branded child murderers.

also still that 23 year old stuck in time, with no employment background to get a job or even a driver's licence. He never used to feel he lost all those years he worked to clear his name behind bars but "now I'm starting to feel it. I'm going to be 40 years old. A New Balance Womens 996 Tennis Shoes

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In 2007, just about everybody involved in his 12 year incarceration apologized for what turned out to be a wrongful conviction, based largely on the testimony of the Crown's star prosecutor, pathologist Dr. Charles Smith.

In prison, "it's so easy to live (because) you know where you stand with people. Out here, it's a harder thing to figure out," he said.

Five years ago, Mullins Johnson was released on bail from the Warkworth Institution, the largest federal correctional facility in Canada, pending a review of his 1993 conviction for the rape and murder of his four year old niece, Valin Johnson.

"We're trying to be as respectful as we can of different circumstances that people find themselves in and how the compensation framework, if we can come up with one, will actually be flexible enough to deal with all the differences without being so complex and difficult that it takes forever to get to the conclusion of it."

"I New Balance 420 Burgundy Perforated Suede Trainers

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Mullins Johnson quietly moved back to Sault Ste. Marie about 18 months ago, partly because "quite honestly, I should never have been pushed out of here. This is my home," he said. "I'm a (Soo) Greyhounds fan. I'm a Sault boy."

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It took longer than expected, but the government is still in the process of coming up with a "short" and "user friendly" framework that would be used to calculate compensation, Bentley said.

A relationship with a Manitoulin Island woman fizzled around the same time, as did several others over the years. Mullins Johnson was not the same man who had been sent to prison 17 years ago. Besides receiving counselling for anger management, he has trust issues "like you wouldn t believe."

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lot of women I date don't want to start families," he said. "It's not easy. That's the simple, nice way of saying it."

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Despite the premier's assurances, those affected by the disgraced pathologist are unlikely to receive money any time soon. Bentley, who set up a team in December 2008 to consider the viability of New Balance 574 Fashion Black a compensation process for people wrongly accused, and in some cases convicted due in part to Smith, wouldn't pinpoint a date.

The family is "healing" after so many years, Mullins Johnson said, and Paul "seems to be alright. Him and I are back together again."

"When people first meet me, they ask me about compensation. . . . I don't know if people want to be with me because of money."

His move was also after an aborted attempt to earn a criminology degree from the University of Toronto. He finished his transitional year, for mature students without a high school diploma, and started his first year, but "I was partying too much, having too much fun."

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While he is a changed man, in many ways he's New Balance 420 Grey And Pink

Most of his family is still here, including his mother, Laureena Hill, the only one who never doubted his innocence. The rest were slower to stop perceiving him as a monster, especially his brother Paul, Valin's father.

"To tell you the truth, I don't really know how to deal with compensation. It's more complex than just cutting a cheque."

Today, Mullins Johnson, 39, says he may as well still be in a prison cell.

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He speaks from a fast food restaurant he preferred to meet a reporter in rather than at his home. Though candid about his ordeal, he still doesn't "want people to know my address," he said. "It wouldn't surprise me if a large number of people still believe I'm a murderer and a pedophile."

Mullins Johnson says he barely keeps track, except when reporters update him with their phone calls. Though he has no source of income or government assistance "I'm relying on family and friends to help me out," he said he insists whatever compensation awaits him, including a $13 million lawsuit he filed against local medical officials in 2008 that's making its slow way through the legal system, is money he'd gladly trade for his life back.

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