Suggestiondir - News 2018-12-03T00:00:00-05:00 Suggestiondir 2018-12-03T00:00:00-05:00 2018-12-05T07:17:00-05:00 The best routines of tomorrow to start the day with energy Monica Duarte
And as propagators of mindfulness techniques and always concerned about your health today we propose some simple steps to wake up with energy:

Water with lemon
One of the great secrets to keep the organism working harmoniously is to drink a glass of water with a lemon juice. It is a cocktail of vitamins and nutrients that helps the immune system, digestion, detoxification, the renal system and to lose weight.

You can do simple extensions in bed or stand up and make some greetings in the sun and asanas on your mat.

The form will depend on what your body asks you in the moment, but the important thing is to move each muscle of the body to activate them and to release possible tensions due to bad postures.

No matter what is pending, take 5 to 45 minutes to empty your mind and prepare your routine.

Thinking about yourself, your body, your projects in a concentrated and meditative way is a tool that will allow you to find the strength and the impulse to face the centered day.

A cold bath
The shower can be a continuation of meditation and become a personal moment of body care. However, to finish the bath with cold water and let it run for a couple of minutes is the touch that will allow you to add power and be ready for a day of productivity, with your skin and muscles activated 100%.

Healthy breakfast
The day can not start well if you do not feed your body. Your options can be as light, fresh or loaded as you choose. It includes proteins, fats and carbohydrates to make it healthy and balanced.

Make the bed
If you stretch your sheets before leaving you will start the day with a ready activity, being productive and arranging your personal space at home.

This technique helps to be ordered and to avoid the temptation to continue sleeping.

How to start?
To awaken better the change should start from the night before: go to sleep at a reasonable time, having eaten balanced, after thanking for the day and having the mind free of worries.

For that you must organize and write down your earrings. Then, you can make your backpack with the things you will need for the next day. So you can start the day knowing exactly what activities you should do and what awaits you along the way.]]> 2018-11-26T00:00:00-05:00 2018-11-26T09:44:05-05:00 Yoga for pregnant women: advantages of a session of asanas in motherhood Monica Duarte To leave behind the fear of exercise and anxiety during pregnancy nothing better than to begin with the practice of yoga adapted to motherhood, in its prenatal and postpartum stages.

While some women spend their pregnancy complaining of pain, swelling, gaining weight and suffering from the transformation of their body, the alternative that yoga gives for motherhood is a conscious and fluid way of carrying the changes of each stage and preparing the mother for the arrival of the baby, physically and mentally.

These classes are also taught by a specialized instructor through an adapted Hatha Vinyasa yoga style.

Each position allows for maternal awareness, muscle flexibility, body energy, agility and harmony.

How does yoga help during pregnancy?

Low impact exercises
Staying physically active is one of the biggest challenges for every pregnant woman. For this yoga is great because it is able to tone muscles, achieve postural awareness and greater flexibility in the pelvic area without too much effort or danger.

In the first trimester it is advisable to limit yourself to breathing practices or very basic postures, leaving the physical requirement for later.

Connection with the baby
A few minutes of silence stretching the body on the mat will be enough to activate the conscious part of the pregnancy. Prenatal yoga helps to keep the baby inside the mind, to give it a space, to recognize its movements, postures and to help it feel comfortable in the maternal body.

This is fundamental during the second trimester, period in which the baby develops and requires our energy.

Preparation for childbirth
Increase respiratory capacity is fundamental to control the pace of delivery. In addition, train the pelvis and learn to flow with pain conditions for a natural birth.

For the third trimester it is especially important to prepare the arrival of the baby with hip opening exercises such as the lotus or the butterfly.

New body
Accepting physical, emotional and structural changes is a real challenge for femininity. Yoga works that process of flowing to each transformation with harmony and helps to learn to move and breathe with the weight of pregnancy and the postpartum body.

Meditate and be in full awareness of the state of motherhood allows you to build calm before stress and pain. In addition, it reduces the sensation of physical fatigue, decreases depressive symptoms and improves sleep.

Less ailments
The pregnancy has typical ailments in the back, ankles and muscles. However, the movements and stretching of the asanas improve the posture and circulation avoiding the retention of liquids and joint tensions.

To achieve this relief the most recommendable are the cow-cat sequences.

]]> 2018-11-19T00:00:00-05:00 2018-11-19T13:25:48-05:00 The 5 best healthy dishes to eat away from home Monica Duarte yoga classes or in the gym.

But the problem is not your desire to eat well, but the dishes that you put in front. We know it's a nightmare to choose where to eat healthy and there never seems to be really healthy options in popular restaurants, so you end up ordering very bland meals so you do not overdo the diet.

That's why we bring you this list with the hidden options that you can try to eat balanced without looking like an economic or flavor sacrifice.

They are alternatives to try in healthy restaurants, or not, that allow you to pass the typical salad menu or stop repeating the vegan places, common habits that usually turn the experience of healthy eating out of the house into something boring.

1. Poke
This dish is gaining popularity in recent years and one of the reasons is its healthy preparation. Basically, it is a deconstructed sushi: a raw fish salad with fresh vegetables, accompanied by rice and dipped in Asian soya and sesame sauces.

2. Octopus
The Mediterranean food so rich in marine options is perfect to maintain the figure. Although many places end up loading it with greasy dressings.

Therefore, our recommendation is to choose one of the most delicious and popular products: octopus. A good skewer or squid starter prevails as a healthy, economic and delicious option to share, just a bit of olive oil and salt will suffice.

3. Ceviche
It is another option of raw marinated fish, but this time in citrus, served with corn and vegetables.

Although it is the king of Peruvian cuisine, its current popularity has made it prepare with marine species from each region, such as cod, tuna or salmon.

Its flavor is so powerful that you will forget that you are dieting.

4. Ramen of miso
Within oriental cuisine, vegetable soups have taken off to be on the charts of the best Asian restaurants.

If you want to avoid fried rice or pork, it is best to order a delicious ramen, which is nothing more than hot soup with noodles, miso pasta, egg and vegetables.

5. Burrito bowl
Like the poke, this dish is an alternative to a classic: the Mexican burrito. It is perfect for those looking for fast and healthy food.

This deconstructed version includes the animal protein, grains and vegetables that the burrito normally includes but without the layer of wheat bread.

Thus, not only do you eliminate gluten but you can also control the quantities of each portion.]]> 2018-11-05T15:54:00-05:00 2018-11-05T15:58:48-05:00 5 tricks to enhance your yoga practice Monica Duarte Stagnation is a reality that few teachers talk about and that frustrates more and more people who practice yoga. Luckily, it is a transitory state from which you can leave more strengthened.

It is more normal than it is thought that, after significant progress and effort, our progress stops, the body becomes numb or our mind gets tired of the routine.

These problems may have many roots, but when expectations do not match the results it is necessary to make changes to really achieve benefits.

If you are not getting the desired performance from your practices, it may be because you need to change your diet and focus on a more conscious type of diet.

Try to prepare fresh products of organic origin. Eat in small portions and as ordered by your body.

A gradual habit change in this sense will result in more energy and attention during your yoga sessions and throughout the rest of the day.

The right mat and accessories
The choice of the right accessories is essential to adapt the movements and postures to our physical capacities and muscular demands. This can make the difference between a painful or too lax practice and an adequate effort.

A good yoga block, yoga wheel, a game of garters or a thinner or textured mat are key pieces that you can consider buying.

Teachers and classmates
The human connection is fundamental to raise the level of energy and mutual support. If you feel that your yoga teacher or classmates are negative, are on another physical level or simply do not fit in with your style of practice, it is good to look for a new place.

Very large groups can be too general if you want a more personalized accompaniment. On the other hand, there are those who do not like small groups and prefer a more social environment.

Complement with sport
If you have tried all of the above, the problem may be that your body demands more variety and complementation in certain physical areas.

One way to change the routine and take advantage of the conditions that yoga gives is to enroll in a sports team, go for a run or practice swimming. Your body will feel motivated by new challenges and movements.

Raise the level of commitment
Sometimes when our body does not want to move forward it is because our mind blocks its progress.

To truly feel the philosophy of yoga and experience an impact more than physical, you must incorporate conscious and healthy practices.

Meditate, eat well, lead a quieter life, buy organic products. All these customs put our body and routine in harmony with the environment and achieve a deeper connection with our being.

]]> 2018-11-05T15:40:00-05:00 2021-02-16T14:13:08-05:00 10 benefits of conscious breathing in daily life Monica Duarte Breathing slowly and deeply is a commonly mentioned methodology when we are learning yoga or meditation. But do you really know what it is about and how it can help your body?

In simple terms, it is a way to focus full attention on the process of inhaling and exhaling air.

The technique consists of slowing down the breathing movements and beginning to fill the lungs to its deepest zone. This is known as "diaphragmatic breathing"

How to start?

To achieve this, I recommend you go to bed and close your eyes. Then, you must place one hand on your chest, at the level of the lungs, and another on your abdomen.

The idea is to inhale feeling that the air inflates the belly instead of reaching only the upper part of the chest. There, the hands will indicate the progress.

Which has benefits?

Muscle relaxation

The slow rhythm and the filling of the lungs allows to slow down the beats and thereby loosen the muscles.

Something useful for moments of acceleration due to daily stress or for athletes, after an exhausting race.

Emotional control

Breathing thinking about that action, controlling the rhythm and depth helps the mind to focus with its own body, a state that manages to anchor the thought.

This effect is wonderful to master our responses when feelings seem to carry the rational ahead. Therefore, it is used in mindfulness and full consciousness.


If you can focus your thoughts on breathing, your mind will be training progressively to be able to give all your attention to one action at a time whenever it is necessary.

Better oxygenation

Making the most of each nasal aspiration we have more air in the lungs and this will be of better quality. This oxygen is spread better by the body and your muscles will feel more alive.

Goodbye toxins

When oxygen reaches each of our organs it is exchanged for the toxic substances that we do not need. Its constant and powerful flow manages to keep everything clean and unobstructed.


Conscious breathing can give a feeling of calm, pleasant and relaxing that manages to stop the anxiety of daily problems, it is an authentic Zen practice.

Strong lungs

Extending your capacity to the maximum a few minutes a day helps to make them more powerful, resistant to diseases and vigorous for more years.

Better circulation

More oxygen means better quality blood and less work for the heart.

Regular digestion

The organs of the digestive system will be better oxygenated and massaged by each deep movement of inhalation, something that will help the assimilation of food.

Controlled weight

The burning of fat will be more effective since the tissues will be powered by oxygen.

]]> 2018-11-05T15:36:00-05:00 2018-11-05T15:40:54-05:00 Emotional cuisine: the secret of a gastronomy in harmony with the body Monica Duarte Surely it has happened to you that, by giving a bite to your favorite food, more than a good flavor, it manages to awaken in you a series of sensations and unique and stimulating emotions. But. What does this depend on? For the secret of these sentimental dishes is what seeks to unveil this new gastronomic trend called emotional cuisine.

In this modality, neuroscience and mindfulness have come together to prove that everything we eat has a link with our feelings and, through them, with our nutritional health.

Beyond giving energy to our body or the physical benefits it may have, eating is a practice that can bring social, mental and emotional benefits if it is done well from its preparation to its consumption.

What interferes with emotional cooking?


The first thing is the attitude at the time of preparation. Beyond the techniques and quantities, the chef's seasoning is largely due to his passion, dedication and spirit of the moment.

That's why two dishes are never the same, because the cook does not always have the same disposition during cooking.


The ritual of emotional cooking has two fundamental scenarios: the restaurant room (or the dining room table) and the kitchen.

In the first, it is essential to create a space without sound distractions and a table at the appropriate height and distance. Some even like to enhance the sensations from the thematic decoration or the dishes with innovative shape.

For its part, in the kitchen should reign order, cleanliness and teamwork. A cook who prepares his dishes with comfortable clothes and adequate light, for example, will be able to transmit the sensations better in a harmonic and powerful way.


The attitude towards food requires that each meal be an exclusive moment of the day to relax, savor and enjoy.

Eating in a hurry will not only physically make us feel bad, but it will not allow us to feel the food from their emotions and energies.


From its chemical composition, texture and color, each food produces a unique brain reaction and behavior in the face of the culinary experience.

To understand it better it is important to understand how some choices have physical effects:

  1. Citrus fruits can relieve depression and stress through their amino acids.
  2. Nuts or milk help good mood and relaxation.
  3. Cinnamon contains serotonin, capable of creating flattering olfactory memories.
  4. Sweets stimulate the release of endorphins and with them the feeling of happiness.


Knowing these elements we invite you to make your next time in front of the stove or the table consciously and let yourself be encouraged by each bite.

]]> 2018-09-10T00:00:00-04:00 2018-11-05T15:36:22-05:00 Ecological fabrics: benefits for the environment and our skin Monica Duarte Ecological fabrics: benefits for the environment and our skin

If you care about the environment, you must also care about the type of materials and products you use in your daily life and how they are made. Asking us these questions as far as clothing  take us to the same solution: ecological fabrics.

These are fabrics made with organic materials, sustainable production and craft techniques. A concept of fabric that clashes with the classic habits of the textile industry but that have come to reform it.

Why should we choose eco-friendly clothes?

The fashion industry is not only one of the most polluting sectors but also the most exploitative of the market. The use of mistreatment procedures for labor and natural habitat are common.

Luckily, we no longer have to contribute to these processes. There are alternatives that produce unique pieces, with resistant textures and free of ethical charges for all of us who want to be conscious consumers.

Buying an ecological piece is a step to transform the textile world and to lead a life in harmony with our planet from all aspects.

Benefits for the planet

Since its production, these fabrics are treated to respect their environment. Fast growing plants are used without damaging felling, they do not use chemical pesticides and they are not processed with contaminating techniques.

All these are slower and more expensive methods, but they manage to minimize the environmental impact and promote the adequate use of natural resources.

In addition, once used garments that use sustainable fabric can be recycled and form new textured fabrics.

Healthy aspects for the skin

Not only is it an environmentally responsible fabric, organic fabrics are beneficial for health.

Its soft, silky and natural touch does not cause sensations of itching or discomfort when using it. In addition, being free of toxic chemical residues, allergies on the skin are virtually non-existent.

In the sports world, eco-friendly products, such as cotton and bamboo, have another great advantage: they are able to absorb perspiration quickly and in large quantities.

This gain can also be used on days of intense heat or cold, as they make the skin breathe, without accumulating moisture and maintaining its freshness.

When we are injured or sunburned, they are also an excellent form of coverage. In times of weakness and need for healing these tissues give a light and antibacterial texture.

Which are the ecological fabrics?

More and more companies use ecological techniques to produce fabrics with the same texture and function as always. However, there are materials already known for their green origin that can serve as a guide when looking for sustainable clothing:

  1. Organic cotton
  2. Bamboo
  3. Silk
  4. Jute
  5. Soy
  6. Hemp
  7. Tencel
  8. Linen
]]> 2018-09-03T00:00:00-04:00 2018-09-03T07:20:11-04:00 YogaBrunch: well-being shared between asanas Monica Duarte Healthy living does not have to be boring or limiting. On the contrary, an active routine can help you energize the day and enjoy each moment with more awareness. And that is exactly what YogaBrunch demonstrates.

It is an event that joins physical activity outdoors, a unique tasting of organic food and personal interaction through creative and energizing sharing.

Within the cool & healthy trend, this proposal manages to bring together two concepts that current life pursues very closely: physical well-being and trendy social life. This plan allows making social relationships in an atmosphere of peace and consciousness.

But, as no good idea is born alone, this endeavor has many responsible. At least 15 brands and movements of fitness and mindfullnes have been added for its accomplishment. And among them is Suggestiondir.

As passionate about yoga and nature, we love having our PVC and jute eco mats in a unique connection and interiorization experience, giving the opportunity to those who venture for the first time to yoga to have their own mat with ecological material at their disposal.

What will you find in a YogaBrunch?

  1. Inspiring music: each day has a dj that puts Zen harmonies to accompany each movement and relax the mind.
  2. New spaces: you will know open, inspiring and powerful environments capable of infecting your harmony and vigor.
  3. Energizing food: with fresh and seasonal products an exclusive menu is created and adapted to the physical requirements of such an active day. 100% organic and nutritious.
  4. Interlaced practices: you will have the opportunity to fuse yoga with disciplines such as dance. But there are also plans designed for a special audience, such as children, pregnant or single.
  5. Participation with purpose: the commitment of the entrepreneurs has led to creating conferences aimed at the environment and the benefit of social causes such as refugees.
  6. Multilevel guide: accompanying the yoga teachers will allow you to participate no matter what your degree of prior contact with yoga.

What is the day?

The sessions last 3 hours. First, there is a yoga practice, in which you can exercise on our eco Suggestiondir mats, of an hour and a half where all the main points are worked: strength, flexibility, control and balance.

Once finished the practice you will enjoy a natural kombucha drink and the physical benefits of the postures continue to make an impact.

Finally, it is time to enjoy a delicious meal prepared in a traditional way. It's the perfect opportunity to chat with your friends or make some new ones. We know that energy flows so well that more than one idea has been produced in these post-asanas conversations.

]]> 2018-08-30T09:18:00-04:00 2018-11-05T16:02:16-05:00 Acroyoga: What is it and what are your benefits? Monica Duarte In the yogi world the style of acroyoga resounds more and more, a discipline that captivates by its pirouettes. But, beyond the aerial figures, few know what this variant is.

Actually, it is not so difficult to fall in love with the acroyoga if it is understood correctly.

Although its popularity has focused on "flying" postures, it is a physical and mental strategy that requires conscious training.

What does the acroyoga consist of?

In its basic form it is a school that fuses three ancestral methods: yoga, acrobatics and therapeutic arts.

This mixture manages to harmonize relaxing and meditative movements with other more dynamic and challenging ones, creating a powerful formula.

In practice, an acroyoga session consists of two moments: one lunar and one solar. In the moon phase, the initial stretch and the Thai massages that are made at the end enter. While in the solar part, the corporal figures of elevation and postures of mutual balance are realized.

Another of the most novel and attractive things of this practice is its accomplishment in couple or trios. In this system one acts as a base, the other as a flyer and a third as a caregiver.

This group disposition gives additional advantages in the interpersonal field that classical yoga does not work directly.

Benefits of practicing acroyoga

Physical advantages

The acrobatics bring with them a greater number of torsions, elongations and alignments, postures that are excellent for training body balance, flexibility and lightness.

These effects are especially noticeable in the stabilizing muscles of the torso, responsible for the balance and coordination of elastic movements.

Thanks to these positions each participant can manage and know better their points of corporal support, progressively increases their mechanical agility and manages to have greater physical awareness.

Psychological and mental work

Acroyoga can also be a truly therapeutic exercise of detachment. In the air, trust in one's movements and in the firmness of the other is fundamental. There, success consists of a mutual support that forces people to let go of control, fear, anxiety and free themselves from burdens.

But achieving an equilibrium position also requires concentration and maximum attention. This state of focus achieves more awareness of the present, leaving behind distractions and anxieties.

Social skills

As more than one person is needed, the practice becomes an exercise in human connection that can be very fun. Communication becomes a main element, but not only orally but through corporal expression.

And, best of all, the acroyoga adapts to any physical level. A good companion can make you fly if you dare to trust him.

]]> 2018-08-27T14:53:00-04:00 2018-08-27T14:57:18-04:00 How to organize the best picnic outdoors? Monica Duarte One of the best activities to enjoy the open spaces is to organize a picnic. On hot days nothing soothes and entertains like picnics on the grass.

But have you tried planning a picnic? When you organize such a plan, there is more than one complication or doubt along the way. So, if you want to know how to organize a picnic that is a success not only with your friends or family but with the enviroment here we will leave you our favorite tricks.

The right place: comfort and nature

The space where we will make the picnic is a choice that will depend on the amount and type of company we will have.

If there are children, it is better to choose a place with a large green esplanade where they can run. However, if you encourage your friends to get out of the routine it is better to choose the shore of a beach, river or even the upper terrace of a building.

And, if it's a sports group, you can enjoy a reward snack on the top of a mountain.

The food: easy and filling

No need to spend hours in the kitchen. Choose natural foods that fill you with energy and freshness.

An infallible idea is to bring chopped fruits in fun shapes in a tupper, it will be a topic of conversation and you will save yourself the task of peeling them at the moment.

Here it is important to know how many people will go to bring enough portions and cutlery.

The backpack: organization and protection

It does not matter if you bought a special basket to carry the dishes, having a backpack is great because you can transport back the decoration and waste.

You will realize that they are comfortable to move and in them you can put up a cooler bag if you need to bring cold drinks.

The blanket: decoration and support

Having a tablecloth to sit and eat is one of the most classic and beautiful images of the whole idea of ​​a picnic. A large towel with colored patterns is great for this.

The trick is to choose a thick and fluffy fiber that softens the hardness of the ground and protects in case the grass is wet or too high.

This blanket can even be the center of a whole pattern of decoration with vases, trays and pennants.

]]> 2018-08-27T14:51:00-04:00 2018-08-27T14:54:44-04:00 Benefits of yoga for athletes Monica Duarte When it comes to flexibility, concentration, strengthening and recovery, few things help more than yoga. And this is why more and more elite athletes are joining the regular practice of asanas to improve their performance in different disciplines.

After years of intensive training, there are skills and abilities that can not be worked in the gym or with repetitive exercise. But yoga came to break those barriers.

Today, a session of postures and meditation is part of a high level training capable of maximizing all the energies of body and mind. Here we will explain why:

Flexibility and coordination

In athletes it is important to work on muscle elasticity to have a greater range of possible movements. This flexibility is given by yoga, allowing you to get further and faster to certain techniques of each sport.

And with less body rigidity comes a better coordination that helps achieve more precise movements.


Although they are of low impact every posture that is done in yoga tones the muscles and strengthens the joints. As a result, you can lose weight and have a harder body.

These new strengths and flexibilities expand the possibilities of each muscle, making them more powerful and efficient in general and specific terms.


Certain types of sports work a muscle group much more intensely than the rest, this can cause asymmetries and uncomfortable body imbalances.

Luckily, yoga manages to correct the dimensions and strengthen the ignored muscles.


One aspect that can greatly improve resistance and performance in long competitions is breathing. For this the asanas and relaxations are excellent, they make the lung capacity increase and the diagram is trained for intense work.

This results in better muscle oxygenation and, therefore, greater power in the circulatory and endocrine system.

Winning mindset

The mental component that intervenes in the practice of yoga makes it not only a physical training but an emotional and mental therapy capable of influencing concentration, relaxation and personal visualization.

In high performance, many people feel pressured by the demands of competition and need to overcome nerves and fears constantly.

In this, yoga is perfect because it brings clarity, awareness to the thoughts and manages to calm the emotions of the great sporting moments.

Prevents injuries

The prevention and healing of injuries is also important to keep the body at the top of its capacity. Overloads, discomfort and contractures are common when too much is required.

Therefore, thanks to the work of muscle decompression, correction of postures and power of agility, yoga is also used to relieve pain and reduce risks.

]]> 2018-08-27T14:50:00-04:00 2018-08-27T14:53:55-04:00 Benefits of drinking water in stainless steel bottles Monica Duarte Carrying a bottle with water is one of the best decisions for our well-being. It allows you to keep your body hydrated, fight heat and have more energy. However, the work is not complete if we do not choose the right bottle. Luckily, stainless steel bottles have become the best choice for health and the environment.

After many years of controversy over plastic containers with toxic products, the industry has taken a leap towards a great material that not only benefits the organism, but also is good for the environment and the portfolio. And here we will tell you all its advantages:

Light weidht

Many glass or aluminum containers can be very heavy. If we add a couple of liters of liquid, the whole package becomes an excessive load that is uncomfortable to carry in your hand, the bag or any gym bag.


The stainless steel models, on the other hand, have a thin layer of this material that is able to be durable without adding too much thickness or weight.


Shock Resistant

Another great property of steel bottles is that despite its lightness the structure is very strong and does not sink or break when it falls or hits.


The best options are pieces that do not have joints prone to break. That resistance makes it become a material of high quality and durability over time, despite intense use and possible abuse.


As an ecological alternative, these bottles are also the friendliest, they can be reused as many times as necessary and recycled more efficiently than plastic. A possibility that translates into less economic spending.

In addition, they do not retain odors or flavors, so there will be no trace of the previous content when we use it.

They maintain the temperature

When it comes to extreme climates or specific tastes in our drinks, steel is able to keep the cold and heat in a great way.

It can block sunlight, external moisture and contamination, while maintaining indoor conditions, without melting ice or cooling infusions.

BPA free

It is undoubtedly it is biggest advantage. Stainless steel is the safest material because it is free of chemical agents susceptible to transfer.

]]> 2018-07-23T00:00:00-04:00 2018-07-23T00:00:00-04:00 How to integrate healthy activities while we are on vacation? Monica Duarte This is one of the most common doubts when we want to lead a healthy life. Because for more effort in the daily routine of exercising and eating well, we can not avoid sinning excesses during free days.

However, this does not have to be this way. It is true that our body needs a break from stress, work and obligations, but that should not be translated into a sedentary lifestyle and throwing away our health.

With some basic tips you will be able to make the most of your vacations without stopping to enjoy:

Make ecotourism

The first step is to choose a destination that keeps us connected to what is really important, that is not full of vices and that invites us to discover cultura and nature.

Choose a sustainable accommodation that takes advantage of the benefits of the environment. This type of hotels are less industrialized and integrate conscious practices that will return us loaded with good energy.

Eat fresh

A common mistake is to use the holidays to go constantly for fast food. But neither do we ask you to cook, there are many restaurants that prepare fresh meals with local products.

The trick is to use the extra free time to enjoy eating: slow chew, taste the flavors and balance the food.

Seize the day

Waking up early to give sunlight allows us to do more active activities, such as hiking, exploring the city, its culture and new landscapes.

You will also see how this little practice will translate into a long and comforting night dream.

Extreme sports

There are many sports practices that excite us but that we can not do in everyday life due to lack of resources, appropriate spaces or time.

Surfing, going to a sailing class, climbing or skiing are incredible options that in addition of fun will keep our muscles moving.

Disconnect and do not worry

Relax, focus on the present and take advantage of quality time is important to achieve a restful sleep. Turn off the phone and you will see how you live and learn more about the environment and the trip.

Relaxing treatments

Conscious your body with massages, facials, a day spa or hot springs. The benefits are not only aesthetic, they also bring health to your skin and relax the muscles.

Pack well

If you only pack dresses, shorts, heels or sole shoes, it is impossible to go out to exercise, since you will not have adequate clothing.

The secret is to put at least one sports set to be able to cheer us up during our stay away from home.

Constant hydration

Alcohol in abundance is a cause of dehydration, so limit your drinks a day and opt for more natural juices.

If your holidays will consist of visiting places close to home, take advantage of this facility to go out with a bottles of water and homemade snacks.

]]> 2018-07-16T00:00:00-04:00 2018-07-16T00:00:00-04:00 10 ways to exercise outdoors Monica Duarte There is no more fun and cleansing way to train the body than doing it surrounded by nature and integrating the environment in the practice of outdoor exercises.

If you are lucky enough to have a park, beach, mountain or even, if you live in an urban area, there are many ways to exercise without the need to spend a single euro to enroll in a gym. Ready to get out of boredom?


It is one of the most common and ancient ways to take advantage of good weather. Just a pair of sports shoes is enough and you can go out on any street.

Family bike rides

Children love to ride a bicycle, it makes them feel free, brave and enjoy speed.

Organizing a route between family and friends is a great way to take advantage of this transport and motivate yourself with the company of your loved ones.

Climbing and hiking

Walking mountain trails can be very challenging because the slopes and rocks are a constant and you should strive your body to the fullest. However, the satisfaction of an elevated view and the contact with the purest air will be worth it.

Yoga on the beach

Yoga is a very versatile practice and as good fans we could not leave it out. If you live by the sea, a beach session alone or accompanied will take you out of the study routine and you will be able to make the most of the summer: the sea breeze, the contact with the sand and the strength of the sun.

Plyometric exercises

Stationary exercises may look like indoors, but they can also be adapted to open spaces. Some experts in doing so are crossfit groups and military type trainings.

Open gyms

To increase muscle it is not necessary to be confined in a closed space. Nowadays, public options for multifunctional bars, leagues, banks and rustic weights abound. Just enough to train your strength.

Team sports

Soccer, basketball and volleyball are great for practicing on open courts. Joining a team also creates a commitment to exercise that becomes truly motivating.


It is not only one of the most complete sports but also the most refreshing ones. It is the perfect plan to take advantage of the summer heat!


If you are surprised to see this practice, it is because you have not run behind a disc. About 30 minutes of practice help burn as many calories as a running session, while practicing your jumping, throwing and aiming skills.

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The obstacle courses are perfect to integrate adventure, exercise and fun in one place. You can join a group of rallies or create your own challenge to spend a different afternoon.

]]> 2018-07-09T12:44:00-04:00 2018-07-12T14:37:30-04:00 Yoga Clothes for Summer Monica Duarte On hot days a good practice can become a little suffering if you do not wear the right clothes. Just as our regular clothes change according to the seasons, the sportswear must also adapt. And for that, it is important to choose the best yoga clothes for the summer.

The sun can be a great motivator, but you have to take advantage of it well and when it is at its maximum potential the task requires help.

Here we will give you some tips to achieve the necessary freshness without losing comfort or charm:


When we surpass 86 ° F, the leggings that serve us all year round can be transformed into a sauna for our legs.

The best solution is to shorten the coverage of the garments. Wearing a short will allow the sweat to improve, regulate body temperature and will not limit movements.

These yoga shorts have the same benefits as other long pieces: elastics, high waist and good grip.


Another alternative is to cut only a little the length of the leggins. That style of pants covers the thighs and reaches below the knees, leaving the ankles aired and mobile.


As in the previous case, the bra type tops allow to free our body of an excessive coverage.

In addition, these tops are ideal for inverted postures. So it is better to leave sweatshirts, jackets and long sleeves for other occasions.


Another infallible tip is to go for natural textiles that absorb moisture and do not cause friction. For that the best thing is cotton and technical fabrics such as bamboo fiber.


If you're not a fan of wearing something too bare, a sleeveless blouse will suffice to air the body without revealing too much.


It is the option for the most daring. It is a swimsuit-style one piece that cover the entire torso and can end with a cut in the crotch of short or bikini. In this way the coverage of the legs is completely eliminated and it will feel more fresh.


It is not a piece of clothing in itself, but holding it in the hair becomes a necessity to prevent sweat from running or hair to be an uncomfortable layer on the back.

Opt for collected hairstyles, braids or bows and crown, everything with a hair band that maintains freshness without squeezing.


To prevent the heat from concentrating on our clothes, the white, pastel and soft pieces should predominate. These colors will reflect the light instead of absorbing it.

You can also choose clothes with UV protection, this guarantees less damage to the skin.