How to integrate healthy activities while we are on vacation?

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This is one of the most common doubts when we want to lead a healthy life. Because for more effort in the daily routine of exercising and eating well, we can not avoid sinning excesses during free days.

However, this does not have to be this way. It is true that our body needs a break from stress, work and obligations, but that should not be translated into a sedentary lifestyle and throwing away our health.

With some basic tips you will be able to make the most of your vacations without stopping to enjoy:

Make ecotourism

The first step is to choose a destination that keeps us connected to what is really important, that is not full of vices and that invites us to discover cultura and nature.

Choose a sustainable accommodation that takes advantage of the benefits of the environment. This type of hotels are less industrialized and integrate conscious practices that will return us loaded with good energy.

Eat fresh

A common mistake is to use the holidays to go constantly for fast food. But neither do we ask you to cook, there are many restaurants that prepare fresh meals with local products.

The trick is to use the extra free time to enjoy eating: slow chew, taste the flavors and balance the food.

Seize the day

Waking up early to give sunlight allows us to do more active activities, such as hiking, exploring the city, its culture and new landscapes.

You will also see how this little practice will translate into a long and comforting night dream.

Extreme sports

There are many sports practices that excite us but that we can not do in everyday life due to lack of resources, appropriate spaces or time.

Surfing, going to a sailing class, climbing or skiing are incredible options that in addition of fun will keep our muscles moving.

Disconnect and do not worry

Relax, focus on the present and take advantage of quality time is important to achieve a restful sleep. Turn off the phone and you will see how you live and learn more about the environment and the trip.

Relaxing treatments

Conscious your body with massages, facials, a day spa or hot springs. The benefits are not only aesthetic, they also bring health to your skin and relax the muscles.

Pack well

If you only pack dresses, shorts, heels or sole shoes, it is impossible to go out to exercise, since you will not have adequate clothing.

The secret is to put at least one sports set to be able to cheer us up during our stay away from home.

Constant hydration

Alcohol in abundance is a cause of dehydration, so limit your drinks a day and opt for more natural juices.

If your holidays will consist of visiting places close to home, take advantage of this facility to go out with a bottles of water and homemade snacks.

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