Yoga Clothes for Summer

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On hot days a good practice can become a little suffering if you do not wear the right clothes. Just as our regular clothes change according to the seasons, the sportswear must also adapt. And for that, it is important to choose the best yoga clothes for the summer.

The sun can be a great motivator, but you have to take advantage of it well and when it is at its maximum potential the task requires help.

Here we will give you some tips to achieve the necessary freshness without losing comfort or charm:


When we surpass 86 ° F, the leggings that serve us all year round can be transformed into a sauna for our legs.

The best solution is to shorten the coverage of the garments. Wearing a short will allow the sweat to improve, regulate body temperature and will not limit movements.

These yoga shorts have the same benefits as other long pieces: elastics, high waist and good grip.


Another alternative is to cut only a little the length of the leggins. That style of pants covers the thighs and reaches below the knees, leaving the ankles aired and mobile.


As in the previous case, the bra type tops allow to free our body of an excessive coverage.

In addition, these tops are ideal for inverted postures. So it is better to leave sweatshirts, jackets and long sleeves for other occasions.


Another infallible tip is to go for natural textiles that absorb moisture and do not cause friction. For that the best thing is cotton and technical fabrics such as bamboo fiber.


If you're not a fan of wearing something too bare, a sleeveless blouse will suffice to air the body without revealing too much.


It is the option for the most daring. It is a swimsuit-style one piece that cover the entire torso and can end with a cut in the crotch of short or bikini. In this way the coverage of the legs is completely eliminated and it will feel more fresh.


It is not a piece of clothing in itself, but holding it in the hair becomes a necessity to prevent sweat from running or hair to be an uncomfortable layer on the back.

Opt for collected hairstyles, braids or bows and crown, everything with a hair band that maintains freshness without squeezing.


To prevent the heat from concentrating on our clothes, the white, pastel and soft pieces should predominate. These colors will reflect the light instead of absorbing it.

You can also choose clothes with UV protection, this guarantees less damage to the skin.

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