The 5 best healthy dishes to eat away from home

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Trying to eat healthy and go out to eat with your friends seems one of those impossible missions that end up ruining all the work we do with our body in yoga classes or in the gym.

But the problem is not your desire to eat well, but the dishes that you put in front. We know it's a nightmare to choose where to eat healthy and there never seems to be really healthy options in popular restaurants, so you end up ordering very bland meals so you do not overdo the diet.

That's why we bring you this list with the hidden options that you can try to eat balanced without looking like an economic or flavor sacrifice.

They are alternatives to try in healthy restaurants, or not, that allow you to pass the typical salad menu or stop repeating the vegan places, common habits that usually turn the experience of healthy eating out of the house into something boring.

1. Poke
This dish is gaining popularity in recent years and one of the reasons is its healthy preparation. Basically, it is a deconstructed sushi: a raw fish salad with fresh vegetables, accompanied by rice and dipped in Asian soya and sesame sauces.

2. Octopus
The Mediterranean food so rich in marine options is perfect to maintain the figure. Although many places end up loading it with greasy dressings.

Therefore, our recommendation is to choose one of the most delicious and popular products: octopus. A good skewer or squid starter prevails as a healthy, economic and delicious option to share, just a bit of olive oil and salt will suffice.

3. Ceviche
It is another option of raw marinated fish, but this time in citrus, served with corn and vegetables.

Although it is the king of Peruvian cuisine, its current popularity has made it prepare with marine species from each region, such as cod, tuna or salmon.

Its flavor is so powerful that you will forget that you are dieting.

4. Ramen of miso
Within oriental cuisine, vegetable soups have taken off to be on the charts of the best Asian restaurants.

If you want to avoid fried rice or pork, it is best to order a delicious ramen, which is nothing more than hot soup with noodles, miso pasta, egg and vegetables.

5. Burrito bowl
Like the poke, this dish is an alternative to a classic: the Mexican burrito. It is perfect for those looking for fast and healthy food.

This deconstructed version includes the animal protein, grains and vegetables that the burrito normally includes but without the layer of wheat bread.

Thus, not only do you eliminate gluten but you can also control the quantities of each portion.

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