YogaBrunch: well-being shared between asanas

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Healthy living does not have to be boring or limiting. On the contrary, an active routine can help you energize the day and enjoy each moment with more awareness. And that is exactly what YogaBrunch demonstrates.

It is an event that joins physical activity outdoors, a unique tasting of organic food and personal interaction through creative and energizing sharing.

Within the cool & healthy trend, this proposal manages to bring together two concepts that current life pursues very closely: physical well-being and trendy social life. This plan allows making social relationships in an atmosphere of peace and consciousness.

But, as no good idea is born alone, this endeavor has many responsible. At least 15 brands and movements of fitness and mindfullnes have been added for its accomplishment. And among them is Suggestiondir.

As passionate about yoga and nature, we love having our PVC and jute eco mats in a unique connection and interiorization experience, giving the opportunity to those who venture for the first time to yoga to have their own mat with ecological material at their disposal.

What will you find in a YogaBrunch?

  1. Inspiring music: each day has a dj that puts Zen harmonies to accompany each movement and relax the mind.
  2. New spaces: you will know open, inspiring and powerful environments capable of infecting your harmony and vigor.
  3. Energizing food: with fresh and seasonal products an exclusive menu is created and adapted to the physical requirements of such an active day. 100% organic and nutritious.
  4. Interlaced practices: you will have the opportunity to fuse yoga with disciplines such as dance. But there are also plans designed for a special audience, such as children, pregnant or single.
  5. Participation with purpose: the commitment of the entrepreneurs has led to creating conferences aimed at the environment and the benefit of social causes such as refugees.
  6. Multilevel guide: accompanying the yoga teachers will allow you to participate no matter what your degree of prior contact with yoga.

What is the day?

The sessions last 3 hours. First, there is a yoga practice, in which you can exercise on our eco Suggestiondir mats, of an hour and a half where all the main points are worked: strength, flexibility, control and balance.

Once finished the practice you will enjoy a natural kombucha drink and the physical benefits of the postures continue to make an impact.

Finally, it is time to enjoy a delicious meal prepared in a traditional way. It's the perfect opportunity to chat with your friends or make some new ones. We know that energy flows so well that more than one idea has been produced in these post-asanas conversations.

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